Beauty Talk: SPF, Skincare’s Golden Rule!

Why is SPF skincare’s golden rule? Why should you follow it?

SPF, which stands for Sun Protection Factor, indicates how well your skin can be protected from sunburn, given the plus signs beside it too. A lot of us may claim that we already know the importance of SPF, especially when incorporated to our daily skincare routine. But nope, not everyone knows about this. Shocking? Yes, it’s skincare’s golden rule but not all has abided by it.

As a skincare enthusiast, I am proud to say that I have long started adding SPF to my daily skincare regimen. It wasn’t an easy journey. I have tried multiple products, sun sprays, creams, even sticks, name it, I have tried them. Struggles with whitecast and finding the right products as to not have break outs, thanks to my very sensitive skin, I’ve been there. There were a lot of hit and miss. But, I am satisfied with my current regimen.

With SPF in mind, I know there are several who are guilty of starting applying SPF late, or even just relying on makeup with SPF. We’re lucky that beauty products have now incorporated SPF into its contents, it’s in foundations, cushions and even moisturizers. However, these are never enough!

Why is SPF skincare’s golden rule? It is because no matter how extensive your beauty routine may be, protection and prevention still always come first. SPF then enters here.

Why should you add SPF in your beauty regimen? Simple but very important, UV rays can cause lasting damage to your skin. These causes wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness, dullness and uneven pigmentation. This is why you should have started applying SPF at the earliest possible. It may not be clear when you’re younger but you wouldn’t want to see how your skin have suffered when you get older.

We, here in the UK, have been blessed with lovely sunny weather, which have inspired me to highlight the importance of SPF. Let’s never forget to apply our SPF!

I have been using the Neogen Sur.Medic Suncreams, which I discovered summer last year, have been amazing and I never turned back after.

Beauty Talk is a new segment I have added in my little diary, aside from my quarterly lip recommendations and occasional product reviews. Here, I’ll be tackling about trivial and not-so trivial things about beauty and skincare. A lot of us may think that isn’t it common knowledge? But actually, it isn’t. Just like today’s topic of choice. I’m hoping to enlighten a lot of minds with my entries for this segment while aiming that you have fun reading them!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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