Blossom Delight: Spring ’22 Lookbook

A little style diary for this year’s blossoming Spring!

Spring, like any other year, is the season I look forward to the most. It’s my favourite season for a reason. Doesn’t it put a smile on your face when you wake up and the sun is up as well? You don’t wake up to darkness anymore. It gives so much hope. You see flowers blossoming and colours are starting to pop everywhere. It fills my heart with joy. Spring is also the time when most of us add more colours to our wardrobe. Well, I do dress like it’s spring all the time but it motivates me whenever I see other colours apart from those dark ones you see during the winter.

For this year, I wanted to curate styles that are actually more practical and I will be starting that with this little style diary. I tend to shop for pieces that I would be able to use for a long time during different occasions. Yes, that means I do repeat my clothes, but I make sure to style it in different ways. Here, I will show you the pieces I enjoyed wearing with contrasting or similar ways on how I styled it this season, plus other styles as well.

Leather Blazer

A leather blazer is the statement piece of the season. I still do love my leather biker jacket but I found this cream leather blazer really cute and you can style it in different ways too!

Here, I opted one of my favourite styles, preppy; and one that you rarely see on me, street chic. On the first photo, I wore a white turtleneck, paired with a check tweed skirt and a pair of oxfords, plus a beret, a shoulder bag and the leather blazer to finish it all off for a day in the park to see the cherry blossoms. On the second one, I went slightly to the trendy road, a white button down under a pink knit vest and straight cut jeans, I wore the leather jacket to top it all off with a crossbody bag, a pair of trainers and even placed my hair up in a ponytail for a casual day out with a friend.

Oversized Cardigan

An oversized cardigan is a good investment for me as you can wear it any season with any styles. I got one in cream as I realized I didn’t have one.

Feminine dressing is my go-to which I did for both styles but still different in a way. On the photo on the left, I wore a pink floral dress, (yes, floral for spring!) under the cardigan which I opted to keep open, I wore a pair of trainers and brought a crossbody bag for a little day trip in the countryside. For the photo on the right, I wore the cardigan closed and tucked it in my pink tweed skirt, I finished everything off with a pair of white knee high boots and the same bag but worn as a shoulder bag for an afternoon tea reservation.

Yes to Check

Check is in trend recently and I wasn’t supposed to give in but I found this cardigan so cute that I had to get it for myself.

To justify my purchase, I was able to wear the statement piece in 2 different styles already that made me really happy. On the first photo, I wore the cardigan closed with a pink pleated skirt, paired with white ankle boots and a pink shoulder bag, everything pink to welcome spring at the park. While on the second photo, I wore the check cardigan as a cover up over a pink tank top, I also wore a white skirt, white knee high boots and pink crossbody bag, dressed for a concert.

More Cardigans

I do love wearing cardigans, not just during this season but most of the time!

For brunch with the girls, the photo on the left, I had a white cardigan with a short plaid, pleated skirt, with a handbag and a pair of trainers. While the photo on the left, I had a pink cardigan over a button down shirt and tucked in a cream tweed skirt with a pair of trainers and a tote bag for an early dinner celebration for a friend’s birthday.

Lots of Pink

It isn’t even a question anymore if I love pink. Spring is definitely the time I go extra with all the pinks. It just matches with the bright and positive mood this season brings.

My most used coat this season is this light pink belted coat which got a lot of compliments from different people I saw while wearing it as per the photo on the left. Pink jumpers are also a must for me just like on the last photo. I couldn’t recall a time this season that I didn’t wear pink, yes, I do love the colour that much!

What were your favourite pieces and styles for this year’s spring? Hope you enjoyed my little style diary!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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