7th Blogiversary

This Little Miss Blogs Turns 7!

April would always be a special month for me. On the 2nd, This Little Miss Blogs turned 7. I was too preoccupied that I wouldn’t remember until I received this notification. Still thankful for reminders like these.

It was 7 years ago when I actually started writing my thoughts away, when I began sharing my insights hoping it would inspire others. The only things I wanted when I went ahead and made my own blog was just to cherish little moments, and to keep a little diary that I could easily access, that may be of help to others as well. I never thought I would come this far and grow this big.


For the past 7 years, I have learned so much. Here are 7 lessons I learned thanks to This Little Miss Blogs and blogging:

  • Be open-minded!

I am human and I can’t please everyone. I take constructive criticism professionally and it has helped me grow too.

  • Explore your creativity and take your time.

There are days that you are filled with so much ideas that you get confused what to do first; while there are days that not even one would cross your mind. For times like these, I take my time. Explore your creativity, know how to prioritise and weigh your options. Analyze different strategies that could work for you.

  • Plan ahead!

Up to this day, I keep a little journal for my notes and a planner to schedule my posts. These help a lot to keep me on track.

  • There are no limits.

Don’t limit yourself. Yes, it’s good to focus on the areas where you think you do best, and jumping from different realms would confuse your audience, but it’s part of the process. Sometimes, it takes some experimenting to actually know where you’re great at and what you enjoy best doing! This will also help you know your niche, then in the future, you can go beyond that niche.

  • It’s alright to take a pause.

Yes, an author’s block is still a thing and it doesn’t just pertain to writers alone. Take a break, it’s ok. Forcing ideas out of you would only result to poor outcomes and you don’t want that.

  • Learn how to socialise.

I would totally be one of the shyest persons you have met. Funny but real, most of the creators I know are fellow introverts as well. But when we say socialise it doesn’t mean that it would be a huge number of people. It also means replying back to those who show interest in what you do. Start with replying to comments. Doing this assisted me in getting to know real people who supports you uncondtionally.

  • Be reminded of why you started.

Getting demotivated is natural, but I would always go back and take myself to the beginning of it all. It was never easy for me but then again, I look back on the hardwork I have put to reach where I am today. Remembering how I overcame my little struggles would make me smile.


These lessons don’t pertain to only blogging, but content creating as a whole. These are my regular reminders while I try to think of ideas that will motivate me to make some content. Images and videos are being pushed now and are the trend, but it makes me really happy to know that there are still actually people reading my entries. I will always be truly grateful to everyone who are following and supporting my little diary. A huge THANK YOU to all of you!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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