LIP TALK: Lippies Perfect for Spring (2022)

Lippies I highly recommend for Spring 2022!

Spring has come and I couldn’t be any more excited! Spring for me is such a wonderful season as it gives you so much hope and a lot to look forward to. The days get longer and everything seems to be in bloom. As I look at every corner, there is always something that will make me smile.

To celebrate the coming of Spring, I am back with me quarterly lippie recommendations!

Lippies perfect for Spring 2022:

Peach C 4 Season MLBB Lipstick in April Shower

Peach C 4 Season MLBB Lipstick is a semi-matte lipstick with a silky finish. Fitted with 2 Step Powder for an uber smooth, matte finish boasting a rich color payoff.

The Peach C 4 season MLBB Lippie was a no brainer for me why I got it. It was made for all 4 seasons and of course, knowing that, I had to get it. I got April Shower which was a coral-hued mlbb lipstick, perfect for adding a refreshing touch to your usual spring makeup. It has the perfect coral shade, not too loud but also not too subtle, just right. I loved that it is powdery matte, but is totally silky smooth on the lips. It is buildable and lightweight. It is still best to be applied with lip balm. It lasts a good 4-6 hours without reapplication and food & drink. I really like it that I might actually get all the other 3 lippies for the other seasons!

WakeMake Water Blurring Fixing Tint in Tender Mauve

The WakeMake Water Blurring Fixing Tint is WakeMake’s signature liptint that is formulated with hyaluronic acid. This has a lightweight texture that dries to a velvety matte finish.

The WakeMake Water Blurring Fixing Tint has always been in my wishlist. I have heard and read many good reviews about this tint and have always wanted to try it. My quarterly lip recommendations was probably the only reason I was waiting for to finally grab this lippie. This tint has been formulated with hyaluronic acid to keep the lips from flaking and that’s a huge plus for me. Beauty products and skincare in one are just amazing! It lasts atleast 5-6 hours without touch ups. I love how lightweight this lip product is even when it dries out with a velvety, matte finish. I got 08 Tender Mauve which is an mlbb shade but I thought it would be perfect as a base for gradient lips. It even is lovely on its own!

Amuse Vegan Green Lip Balm in Rose

The Amuse Vegan Green Lip Balm is a vegan, moisturizing lip balm that contains healthy plant-derived ingredients.

The Amuse Vegan Green Lip Balm is such a promising lip product and Amuse as a brand has always amazed me. Creating a vegan lip product is just wonderful. This is available in 2 shades, clear and rose. I got Rose but the tint in it is very subtle, just adding a tinge of pink on your lips. This is made with rapeseed oil, low-molecular hyaluronic acid, and Amuse’s unique phytoncica complex. It really is moisturizing but not sticky at all. This has been my go-to lip balm!

All 3 lip products are just lovely and are all perfect for Spring!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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