CAFÉ SERIES 17: How Matcha!

Wonder how matcha made in heaven tastes like?

I love me some, scratch that, loads of matcha! It’s not even new here anymore as I have already featured a few of my favourite coffee shops that offers really good matcha. As soon as I heard about this cute little coffee shop in Central London, then I immediately made my way there!

How Matcha is a matcha café located in Marylebone. They serve up drinks and food choices made of matcha jam-packed with antioxidants from Japan, from frappes to lattes and scoops to desserts. For those asking, yes, they also do have other options.

From the street, How Matcha will immediately grab your attention for its pretty exterior.

Upon entrance to the store, I was really pleased with how adorable and pink it is inside. I was basically taken to my kind of heaven, everything in pink and loads of matcha!

Their delicious and nutritious menu is quite impressive. You’d also want to get everything on display!

Of course, those cute neon lights are present for your instagrammable posts. My friend and I both had matcha lattes which were just the right mix, no bitterness at all but also not too sweet, making it really nice. We also got a piece of matcha cookie which I really liked and a slice of red velvet for a non-matcha option which had the right amount of sweetness. I would definitely go back to try their nutritional options fused with my favourite matcha which I thought was really unique.

For my fellow matcha lovers, How Matcha is a much recommended coffee shop to visit!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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