My Favorite Kfashion Brands!


Featuring 8 of my favorite Korean fashion brands plus few of my fashion haul from Seoul!

I love Korean fashion. Personally, I just find myself leaning unto Kfashion as it has the perfect mix of trendy and comfy. Apart from that, what I also notice is that it isn’t too revealing so anyone would be confident to pull it off.

I love Korean fashion and I went nuts shopping while I was in Seoul. For the last entry of my South Korea series, I’m sharing 8 of my favorite Korean fashion brands which 6 of them I have personally shopped at their flagship stores while I was in Seoul and I got a few pieces of course. I will also link their online shops but mind you, most of them don’t ship internationally yet. For some, you can find on sites like Yesstyle which can be handy for when you want something from that brand.


Here are my favorite Korean fashion brands:


  • Somedays

I currently have top 2 favorite Korean fashion brands and Somedays is one of them. They offer girly and pretty pieces. I have been wanting to visit the store for almost a year already. I love all the pieces I found there, I’d love to buy everything. They self-produce their own products and the quality of the material they use for their goods are of high quality so Somedays will never let you down.


I actually got 2 jumpers and a skirt from Somedays. One of the jumpers was already featured in my South Korea lookbook. Here, you can see this very pretty pink jumper with faux pearl buttons and this black skirt which are actually shorts so you’ll be confident to wear them, plus you can pair this with anything too.


Online shop:



  • The Flower Season

The Flower Season is the other Korean fashion brand which is on my top 2 most favorite. Sadly, they don’t have a physical store yet. They offer casual to formal pieces. I have been purchasing and wearing different garments from this brand since last year and I love the quality. You won’t be disappointed. Of course, before my trip to South Korea, I bought 2 tops to wear for my trip and they’ve been featured on my lookbook (1,2) too.

The Flower Season was made popular as different female Korean celebrities wear clothing from them, yet, they are still affordable. Like this dress I got, TWICE’s Dahyun was seen wearing this during an event last year.


Online shop:



  • Stylenanda

Stylenanda is one of the more popular and widely known Korean fashion brands. They offer a variety of apparel, from the basics to the trendy ones, but mostly on the trendy side. I must admit though that they are on the pricey side, considering what kind of product you want.


While walking around the Stylenanda flagship store in Hongdae, I fell in love with this blue jumper which surprised me as it wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be. I thought it would be perfect for Spring!


Online shop:



  • Chuu

Chuu is another Korean fashion brand that isn’t really new. They are known for their -5kg jeans which I actually have in 4 colors because I love them like that. They cater to a larger crowd as they offer a wider variety of clothing just like Stylenanda but they are slightly more affordable.


I was overwhelmed when I got inside Chuu as it was filled with cute outfit ideas. I got this whole outfit from Chuu. I purchased this cute long sleeve top to wear for a day in Everland though I didn’t wear the skirt with it as it was still chilly when we were in South Korea but I would definitely wear this whole outfit with the skirt next time when it becomes a bit warmer here in the UK. I think it’s very Spring appropriate.


Online shop:

Chuu on Yesstyle



  • Spao

Spao was popularized for its Cardcaptor Cherry themed clothing pieces. You can expect cute pieces from this brand but don’t worry because they don’t only cater to girls but also guys. They also have casual, street pieces for everyone to love.


I’ve been wanting to get a piece from the Cardcaptor Cherry collection and finally, I got one! I actually purchased 2 tops from the brand which are both very pretty. I was just more excited for this pink blouse from the Spring Cardcaptor Cherry collection. They also come up with different collections as well, at the time of our visit, they had the Harry Potter collection.


Online shops: Spao on Elandmall



  • J’eunesse

From girly, let’s move on to comfy and fashionable but quality streetwear. J’eunesse is a street clothing brand known for its warm and comfy streetwear, from hoodies to caps. They are also known to be a brand most Korean celebrities wear, especially when it comes to idol airport fashion.

They also don’t have a physical store so before my South Korea trip, I purchased this black hoodie which I got for 1 + 1 and this white cap. Oh yes, these pieces were seen on my favorite girls from TWICE. Mina wore this hoodie while Tzuyu wore the cap, both for their airport fashion.


Online shop:



  • OiOi

OiOi is another streetwear brand however it is on the pricier side. Considering the quality of their products though, I think it’s worth it. They do different collaborations every season and release different pieces every season too.

I found this shirt from their latest collaboration at that time, Kirsh x 5252 by OiOi, really cute! I can totally see myself wearing it over and over during the warmer months.


Online shop:



  • Nerdy

Nerdy is another streetwear brand a lot of people would mostly covet. They are known for their sweater and tracksuits. Yes, tracksuits, those ones that idols wear during Idol Star Athletics Championship.

I love their flagship store! My favorite store I visited in Seoul! It looked like a house from the outside, it was very warm and cozy inside. I’d definitely want to go back just to look around and maybe chill in their in-store café. Yes, they also have a café which I wished we stayed at but failed because it was almost time for closing when we dropped by.


I got this cute pink long sleeve top which I thought was really comfy. It’s something I can wear for both the warm and cold months.


Online shop:



As you can see from few of my haul, I prefer my personal style being street preppy. It’s like girly but still comfortable. Comfort will always win for me rather than trendy. I’d rather invest on what’s more functional than what’s on trend. I still do purchase what’s on trend but I see to it that I can still wear them often and they wouldn’t be just a one-time wear.

All the brands above are perfect for every girl out there, even if you have a totally different fashion style as me. Believe me, as my friend and I have opposite tastes in fashion, she’s more of the trendy street casual kind of girl, (hypebae as they call it) but we shopped in the same stores. It’s just that we got different pieces.


I hope you enjoyed my South Korea series and looking forward to part 2 (maybe next year? *fingers crossed*)! What was your favorite from my South Korea series?


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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