Cafés to Visit in Seoul

Featuring the 11 cafés we visited in Seoul that you must visit too!

I love going to and discovering different coffee shops, so much that I even have a café series here on my little diary, in which I feature different cafés that I recommend you to visit. South Korea is known for their very aesthetic coffee shops, so I was excited to visit few of these pretty cafés.

Also, South Korea is 8 hours ahead of United Kingdom, and I knew it wouldn’t be easy to fight jetlag, as it has been more than a year now since I have travelled to Asia. For all these, it was just right for me to include a few cafés to our South Korea itinerary.

Here are the different Cafés in Seoul I visited:


O’sulloc is a green tea café that has a few branches across Seoul. It was the first café we visited, and we were able to visit the one in Insadong on our first day in South Korea.

You can choose from a menu of different drinks infused with green tea (of course), and delicious desserts made from green tea. I was so delighted when I saw the menu because I love my matcha like that. Their desserts display made me want to try everything.


We tried the Green Tea Cheesecake, the Samdayeon Caramel Roll Cake which made with Samdayeon tea sheets topped with caramel, and their Green Tea Latte Double Shot which is a double shot latte with green tea flavor. The cheesecake was amazing, the Samdayeon Cake had the right amount of sweetness, you wouldn’t feel like it was made from Samdayeon tea sheets and caramel. The latte completed my day.


They also offer different products made from different kinds of tea, and not just green tea. I got myself a matcha spread. I have regretted that I only bought one when I should’ve bought more, since it was that good. Also, the café itself was very cozy. Perfect for a cold afternoon in Seoul!


A Twosome Place

A Twosome Place is a coffee shop and dessert café you would love to drop by every day. It felt like UK’s Costa to me, since I could see it everywhere I go in Seoul. I have read that it was inspired from cafés in Europe. No wonder it felt like I was in Europe all over again.


They also have quite a range of great coffee and high quality desserts to choose from.

We were there for our first coffee run in Seoul, so we wanted to have something light for breakfast, even when all the desserts were really enticing. We just got our usual hot choco and café latté with a chicken omelet sandwich. I’d definitely want to go back for some desserts on my next Seoul trip.


Coffee Lab

I searched a few good coffee shops that were close by our hotel, and Coffee Lab was one of them. It is located in Hongdae, just a 5 minute walk from our hotel, which came in really handy for our coffee run on our 4th day in Seoul.

Coffee Lab is known for its great coffee as it offers different extraction methods and coffee bean sources. It serves coffee from freshly brewed beans, and it is also known for its baristas’ expertise. No wonder people keep going back for their really good quality coffee. They are known for espressos mixed with rum and Kahlua too.

The place is really trendy and edgy, but still comfy to lounge around for a catch up with friends or a quiet study time.

I tried one of their signature blends, the Mad Scientist blend café latté with ham and cheese croque, while my friend just had a hot chocolate with a double toast. The coffee was hands down, amazing!


Soul Cup JYP Café

Soul Cup JYP Café is first of the few Korean artist related cafés we visited. It is on the ground floor of the JYP building.


The place was quite spacious and modern. They had a huge telly, where they played music videos from different JYP artists. They also had an area where they displayed different merchandise of their artists.


Soul Cup is known for its organic menu. Yes, you read that right. They serve organic food, as JYP himself, is known to be health conscious. They are known for their organic ice cream as well, which I haven’t tried yet but definitely will on my next Seoul trip.


I got to try their organic cheese cake which was so good, as it wasn’t too sweet but just enough for you not to feel it is organic. I tried their organic mushroom soup which was very filling. I also got the Tiramisu Mocha and my friend got a cup of Real Chocolate.


Ediya Coffee

Ediya Coffee is also another common coffee shop chain you can find everywhere in South Korea, as it has over more than a thousand retail shops. Despite that, I can guarantee they offer some of the best coffee I have ever tried in Seoul.


We dropped by the shop that was closest to our hotel in Hongdae. I was suddenly craving for something hot and sweet after a day with jam packed schedule.


They offer quite a range of hot and cold drinks you’ll surely enjoy and a few desserts that you’ll definitely like.


One thing I love about cafés in South Korea is they always go by different themes as the season changes. Spring was already starting, so they had the Apeach limited edition drink, which I found to be so adorable that I got a hot Apeach Blossom Latte. It was so good! It had the sweetness of peach but the flavor wasn’t overpowering the latte. My friend got a hot Brownie Chocolate, which according to her was really good too.


SUM Café

SM Entertainment’s SUM Café is definitely the café for those who love SM artists. It is located in COEX, inside SM COEXArtium, right outside the SM Museum and by the SUM Market.


They are known for its SM artist cupcakes and all other variety of drinks, food and merchandise all associated to different SM artists.


The place is quite big and really pretty in all pink and white, with different portraits of different SM artists on the wall and little pictures on the tables.


My friend and I both had the EXO cookies and cream cupcakes with our biases from EXO on them. To pair the cupcakes with drinks, she got the EXO Café Mocha while I got the EXO mint tea.


Kamong Espresso

We were able to drop by a few Korean artist/Korean artist’s relative owned places and Kamong Espresso is one of them. It is known to be EXO Kai’s older sister’s café.


Kamong Espresso is one of the best places to visit whenever you’re craving for some good waffles as it is known for these. They also have really good frappucinos with their own twist and different flavors, they call them, Kamongccino.


The place wasn’t really big but it was very homey and cozy… perfect for a rainy afternoon in Seoul. There are also spots that are great for your Instagram.


We ordered the Ice Cream Strawberry Waffle since I was craving for some strawberries. I also wanted some matcha with my strawberries since these are the top 2 of my favorite flavors ever. I got the Green Tea Kamongccino while my friend got herself a Cookies & Cream Kamongccino.


Line Friends Café

The Line Friends Café will totally be in anyone’s list of coffee shops to visit when traveling to Seoul, so having this in my list is not new.


We visited 5 Line Friends stores while in Korea and 2 of them have cafés. But we intentionally visited the flagship store in Garosugil, which I believe was the first Line Friends Café, and spent a few minutes to chill there.


As expected, the place was very adorable, I instantly fell in love with it. There was also a mini market where you could buy different tasty goods. Everything looked sweet and delicious, you’d want to try one of each. Yet, we needed to stick to our agenda and try the BT21 drinks.


It was a cold, rainy night, so we chose to have hot drinks to help us warm up. We got 3 hot drinks to try, Shooky which is a Triple Cookie Latte, RJ which is a Mellow Latte, and Mang which is a Bubble Taro Latte. My favorite turned out to be the Bubble Taro Latte (Mang) as it had the right amount of sweetness with a fruity kick to its flavor. I had high expectations for the Mellow Latte which was like a vanilla latte, but it was too milky and sweet for me. The Triple Cookie Latte also didn’t disappoint and it was pleasantly sweet. Still, all 3 drinks are must tries!



Café &gather was one of the coffee shops I looked forward to visit the most in Seoul. The café is located in Hannam-dong. It is one of the cafés associated to my favorite boy group, BTS. It is known for being the café where the members of BTS filmed an episode of Run! BTS. Here, the BTS members turned into baristas and made their own drinks. It is a must visit café for every ARMY and if you love BTS.


There were a few fans who were also there with us. I find it cute that the coffee shop celebrates BTS related events, and they constantly change their interior decorations depending on what’s happening. During the time we visited last month, it celebrated the 2nd anniversary of RM’s Change, which is a really good song by the way.


Menu-wise, they have a variety of hot and cold drinks to choose from, with sandwiches and different desserts too. I heard they used to sell the BTS beverages, but recently, they only have Jin’s Rosy Latte and Jimin’s Creamy Latte.

We were there for brunch but their cakes were so tempting so we opted to have desserts first. We got a slice of cheesecake and a slice of red velvet cake. Both cakes were so delicious! My friend had a Hot Chocolate while I got the Rosy Latte, of course! The coffee was really good, a bit strong but just the right amount. I’d love to have another cup of it again anytime.

The pink neon sign is also known spot in the coffee shop as the members of BTS had pictures with it. I heard, people queue just to have a photo with this sign. It will be great for your Instagram feed too!


Stylenanda Pink Pool Café

Stylenanda is a popular fashion brand in South Korea. Aside from fashion items, they also have a café where you can relax after shopping. It’s not new to have coffee shops inside clothing stores, as you can also see these in London but there are just more in Seoul.


The Stylenanda Pink Pool Café would definitely be one of Seoul’s most instagrammed coffee shops, and I totally understand that. Being there made me feel wonderful. The lovely pink interior made me giddy. It was like I was in my element (LOL!).


They also have quite a menu to choose from yet, it was still a bit overpriced. On the contrary, they don’t only serve tasty food but also ones too pretty to eat and drink. It’s like you’re paying for the art, but really, they are still very tasty and sweet.


We had 2 Cotton Candy Coffee’s and a chocolate cake which was one of the best chocolate cakes I ever had. I fell in love with the place! I’d come back again for sure, maybe at the Hongdae branch next time.


Innisfree Green Café

From a fashion brand, now, to a beauty brand. Innisfree is a popular Korean beauty brand and it is one of the first few which had an in-store café.


The Innisfree Green Café is a café known for its different tea infused drinks and desserts. If you’re a tea lover like me, and are looking for more flavours, this place is for you.


The place is also like a little sanctuary you would love to chill at, away but not so far away from the busy streets of Myeongdong.

According to my friend, it is one of the most highly recommended coffee shops to visit in Seoul as the food was worth every single penny. Sadly, I was already full when we dropped by, I wanted to try their soufflé pancakes, maybe next time?


Since it was Spring, they had Spring limited edition drinks and I got the Cherry Blossom Mint Ade, which I surprisingly loved at first taste!



Here are also 2 cafés that aren’t in Seoul but you should visit when you’re in the area:


Good Morning Coffee

Good Morning Coffee is a coffee shop located at The Garden of Morning Calm.


After walking around The Garden of Morning Calm and appreciating how gorgeous the place is, this coffee shop is the place to be. Have some good coffee while digesting how amazing it is to be in a place like this.

Also, there is something distinct about their coffee that amazed me. I don’t usually empty my cup of coffee but the case was different with their coffee. What is it? I’m not pretty sure but it is something you should have for you to find out!



Café Jungle Camp

Café Jungle Camp is a café located in Everland.



It is a nice place to hang out while taking a rest from walking around the zoo and getting on those extreme rides. The interior was also very appropriate for the name of the café, there was a huge tree in the middle of the shop. The food was pretty nice and filling as well.




South Korea seem to be filled with pretty cafés, offering amazing food that I’d love to try each one and, grab a cup of amazing coffee and some delicious desserts during my stay in Seoul but couldn’t. And so, I listed some of the many that I haven’t visited and will definitely drop by on my next visit to South Korea!

This is the 4th entry to my South Korea series, and I hope you have been loving this series as much as I’m enjoying writing them while reminiscing the lovely time I had there.


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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