Lip Talk: Lippies Great for Spring/Summer (2019)


Lippies from few of my favorite Kbeauty brands that are great for Spring and Summer!

I love good kbeauty products and I’m fond of good lippies so I made sure to get a few when I was in Seoul! It is also but right that I feature these for the third entry of my 5 part South Korea series.

Here are the lippies I thought were great for Spring and Summer:

Liquid Lippies:

  • Etude House Lip Lacquer

I have been wanting to try Etude House’s Lip Lacquers. It isn’t new that Etude House is one of my favorite Kbeauty brands and their lip lacquers are must haves! So while I was in Seoul, I got one of the Shine Chic Lip Lacquer and one of the Matte Chic Lip Lacquer, plus both are in the very pretty Cherry Blossom collection which are limited for Spring 2019 only.


The Shine Chic Lip Lacquer is a glossy liquid lipstick that promises to give extra shine with vivid colors. It tints the lips with an enamel glow but has a light glossy texture with moist feeling to make your lips look plump. I actually really like this lippie as it may be glossy but it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips. It is also very buildable although there is a bit of transparency when transferred unto the lips.

The Matte Chic Lip Lacquer is a matte liquid lipstick that promises to give a vivid pigment with matte texture that doesn’t smudge and would last long. It does have a very pigmented, matte texture that isn’t drying. It stays true to its promise of a long lasting lipstick. Even after eating and drinking a few times, it still stayed on my lips and lasted for almost the whole day. It doesn’t transfer much too. It is also very easy to apply and doesn’t smudge.


I got two shades in pink as I can see myself wearing these frequently during Spring and Summer. I have the Shine Chic Lip Lacquer in Pink Vibe (PK003) which has a light pink shade, and I have the Matte Chic Lip Lacquer in Blooming Pink (PK006) which is more of a fuchsia pink. I think both colors are perfect for the season!


  • VT Cosmetics x BT21 Art in Liptint

The BT21 Art in Liptint are from the season 2 of the VT Cosmetics and BT21 collaboration called Pop my Beauty. These come in very adorable packaging. These are luscious lip tints that promise to keep your lips looking sweet and supple all day long. These are very creamy lippies that are lightweight. Be careful when you apply it as a little amount goes a long way and it lasts decently long. Also, these have a sweet candy scent but isn’t overpowering upon application.



Another VT Cosmetics x BT21 collab came up this year and I couldn’t be any happier! I visited the VT Cosmetics Pop Up Store for this new collaboration and I felt giddy looking at the new collection but I especially controlled myself to just get what would be the most useful for me and so I ended up getting 2 of the BT21 Art in Liptint. I got Mang (Rosy Red), which is more of a coral red in color, and Cooky (Berry Mix), which is a bright pink in shade. I feel like these are the colors I’ll be leaning on especially when it’s end of Spring to Summer.


Lippie Sticks

  • Espoir No Wear Matte Lipstick

The Espoir No Wear Matte Lipsticks are weightless matte lipsticks. The No Wear Gentle Matte Lipstick envelops lips in professional color with comfortable and gentle texture while the No Wear Power Matte Lipstick envelops lips in vivid color with long lasting and powerful adhesive texture. True to their promise, the Power Matte is slightly heavier than the Gentle Matte but you wouldn’t notice that not until a few more swipes of these lippies. These don’t last really long but they are buildable and still feel weightless, though I would recommend applying lip balm before application of any of these lip products.



Espoir is a brand I’ve been eyeing on but aren’t the easiest to get so while I was in Seoul, I grabbed the chance to get their latest lip product line which is the No Wear Matte Lipstick. I got the No Wear Gentle Matte which was available in Red Vibe. It has a subtle red color and gentle matte texture which was very light on the lips but still vivid. I also got the No Wear Power Matte, available in Orange Meets Brown. It has a mixture of mlbb and orange upon application. I’m not really a fan of orange lip colors but the case for this lippie was different as it was only a subtle orange. It is also very matte but is still light on the lips. I loved how these apply separately but it surprised me at how pretty these colors combined, the red under the orange.


  • B. by Banila Lipdraw Matte Blast Stick

The B. by Banila Lipdraw Matte Blast Sticks are lightweight but long wearing lipsticks that offer a vivid color with a matte finish. These also have slight plumping effect for fuller lips. Like what these say, these lippie sticks truly have very rich colors making the color payoff beautiful. One thing that also impressed me with these is how soft and creamy they are upon application. These don’t last as you expect them to but you wouldn’t mind reapplying it as these are not heavy on the lips at all.




I love Banila Co products, I love their Clean It Zero Line and their CC Cream but I haven’t tried any of their lip products. So while I was in Seoul, I especially intended to buy a few of their lip products. The B. by Banila Lipdraw Matte Blast Sticks were the ones that got my attention the most. I swatched almost all colors and fell in love with three of them, Hip Gal (MPK05) which is a nude lippie, So Rosy (MPK06) which is a rosy nude and Wowoman (MPK07) which is in a mauve mlbb shade. Isn’t it obvious how I love mlbb lippies? Anyway, I love all these colors but was a bit surprised that Hip Gal was a bit lighter to what I was expecting it but it works awesome as a base when I layer it with the two other colors. The results are gorgeous when you want to do the gradient lips with these babies from Banila Co. These are the kind of lip products that I can see myself wearing all year long and not just for Spring and Summer. I’m also really happy I got them as I’m more of the glossy, liquid lipstick type of girl but after getting these, that may change. But really, these are just my favorites right now!


Here is my mini lip product haul from South Korea. Addition to what I have above, I finally got Van from the VT Cosmetics x BT21 Lip Lacquer. I reviewed this line last year and it was the only one I wasn’t able to get. I also got another RJ lippie (because he’s my favorite character like that! Lol!) but in the lippie stick version this time. Lastly, I also got myself a B. by Banila Lipdraw Melting Serum Stick since as you have noticed most of my lip product purchases are in matte but this lippie changes everything when you apply it over another lip product as it makes your lips naturally glossy.


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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