Café Series 07: Tsujiri Matcha House


Have some traditional matcha with a modern twist!

On a day out in Central London, my friend brought me to a matcha café, as she knew how much I love my matcha and how much I have been craving for some since I got back from Seoul. She also knew there was no way I would say no to her.


Tsujiri Matcha House, with a 155-year old legacy, is the home of the best green tea desserts. Originated from Kyoto, Japan, Tsujiri have painted the world green and made people fall in love with green tea.


They have several branches all over Asia, in Canada and Australia too. Also, they have 2 branches in London, one in Soho and one in Chinatown. We visited the one in Soho as we were just around the area.

They offer quite a menu to choose from. They serve hot drinks perfect for the cold winter or even rainy days, and cold drinks which you would love to have during the warmer days. Or whatever the weather is, both their cold and hot drink choices would be lovely to try.



They are also known for their signature green tea ice cream. Once we walked in the café, almost everyone were enjoying their green tea ice cream each. When I got to try the Shiratama sundae, it instantly made me smile. It was so delicious, no wonder why it was their best seller!


As they offer a variety of drinks and Japanese desserts, we also got an order of Matcha Warabi Mochi which was really good with the red bean dip it was paired with. My friend and I also got a hot Matcha Latte each. They said it was the best matcha latte in London and yes, I couldn’t agree more! It was so good plus the presentation was so pretty! I’d love to come back again for some more.



My heart definitely jumped for joy after all the matcha drink and desserts we had. We left the place happy. I’m definitely coming back soon!


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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