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5 different home scents that I’ve been into lately!

I can get really OC when it comes to my room even when I used to share my bedroom with my sisters back home. When I got a space with my own bedroom here in the UK, I became even more particular with my room as I want it all organized and most of all, I want it to smell nice. Who wouldn’t? It is where you go to after a hard day’s work, it is the space that reflects who you really are. Getting home with a lovely smelling room instantly puts a smile on my face and somehow relieves a bit of the stress I had that day.

Since I revamped my room last February, I have started a fascination for home scents. This varies from scented candles, reed diffusers and room sprays. But I’m more into scented candles mainly. My type of scents are usually the fruity and sweet floral ones.

Here are 5 of my favorite home scents:

1. Diptyque Mimosa

Diptyque is a very popular brand when it comes to scented candles. Their signature Roses and Baies (Berries) should be the most photographed scented candles you can see on social media. I wanted to get myself one of these but instead, I fell in love with the Mimosa. It is rather milder compared to the other 2 scents which is perfect for me. It reminds me of Spring with how sweet the floral scent is. It is also very refreshing. This is one of the first scented candles I bought and definitely my favorite yet so far.

2. Maiden Noir Objet Perky Miss

Maiden Noir Objet is a South Korean lifestyle brand I discovered while I was in Seoul. Their concept is about a ‘Black & White film of a young woman’ (a young woman who is called a maiden who has both loneliness and liveliness). Their fragrance illustrates the tastes, interests and curiosity of a young woman. Aside from the pretty pink packaging which totally caught my attention, they also have 8 lovely scents. I fell in love with Perky Miss (a powdery soft and sweet scent), Mystic (a musk type, Bulgarian rose scent) and Blossom Garden (an elegant floral scent, more of jasmine with a hint of cherries). I brought one small candles of each scents with me back to the UK but I have used all of them up last month so I then recently ordered a big candle and a room spray of Perky Miss, my favorite scent among the 3!

3. Jo Malone London Silk Blossom

Jo Malone is a famous fragrance brand which offers different products ranging from colognes to soaps and body crèmes. My friends recently got me hooked to the brand and I got excited as they also offer scented candles. For the Spring time, they brought us 4 scents perfect for the season. Among all 4, I was enchanted with the Silk Blossom that I instantly got myself a candle. I love the sweet, powdery scent it gives off which after a few minutes of lighting it up, it can fill the room with its fresh scent. Its scent lasts the longest too among all the candles I have.

4. L’occitane En Provence Candied Fruits

L’occitane is a beauty & skincare brand I have already trusted on. I have tried various of their hand creams and body lotions. But it was just 3 months ago that I recently purchased from their home fragrance line. They have a total of 4 scents from this line but the Candied Fruits charmed me so much, it is a sweet fragrance which is a combination of flowers and dried fruits coated in honey. I loved it so much, it made me purchase everything in the line. I got a scented candle, a reed diffuser and a home perfume spray. It doesn’t only fill the room as you can definitely smell this even from outside, which makes me smile whenever I arrive from work, as I go in the main door of the house.

5. Regent House Strawberries & Cream

I love me with some strawberries and not just as the fruit itself or as a food flavor but also as a scent. Yet, each fragrance brand have different takes on their strawberry scents and it was only this room spray from Regent House that pleased me. It has the perfect scent of the sweetness of freshly picked strawberries that I’d like to have in my room.

I love all of the scents above as they warm my soul once I smell them in my room but of course, I alternate the scents every other day, or even every week. Also, please don’t leave your candles lighted unattended.

I can totally recommend all of them! But I’m also looking forward to discovering new scents perfect for my little home. Do you have any scents in mind that you can commend? Drop me a comment below.

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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