28 Fortune Cookies


Sharing 28 lessons I learned as I approach my 28th year!

Life isn’t always easy on me. I had my fair share of struggles and problems but I wouldn’t be the person I am right now without them. I am still working on growing to be a better person too. I will always be truly grateful to everyone who never failed to support me and be there for me.

In my journey, I know I have learned a lot already and will still learn even more to become an improved version of myself. As I approach my 28th year, let me share to you 28 lessons I learned in life.

To make this more fun, let’s do this first. Close your eyes and pick a number between 1 to 28. The one you guessed is the most important tip from me to you.

Read the rest afterwards. Enjoy!


  1. Do not carelessly conform to what others want and expect from you.
  2. You will meet a lot of people but they come and go. Treasure the ones who stay.
  3. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s ok to make errors. Errors are forgivable and unintentional.
  4. Leave and lay out the least important treasures. Hide and keep the most precious ones.
  5. Learn to trust but never let your guard down.
  6. Keep smiling even when things seem to be going wrong. Be happy, that will affect what will happen next.


  1. Tomorrow is another day. Believe in miracles, they’re real!
  2. A simple smile can make wonders. Don’t be stingy. Everyone needs it.
  3. You pull the energy that you give off. Spread goodness. Think positive. Enjoy life!
  4. There is always something past the reflection on the water, be it a gem on the sand or a horrendous current.
  5. Dreams are unique and to be fought for. The most important effort is to pull those dreams into reality. No matter how much or less they may seem, they are priceless, for they can only be found in you.
  6. Every achievement requires sacrifice.


  1. There will always be struggles along your way to achieving your dream, be strong and stay strong. There will always be light after the tunnel!
  2. Learn not to worry. Don’t stress too much about the little things.
  3. Give yourself a little quality time! You deserve a reward from all the hard work!
  4. Look after yourself, there will come a time when no one else can but only yourself! Stay healthy too!
  5. Social media these days exaggerates hype as happiness, it is not. True happiness is being calm, accepting and content.
  6. Only out of true happiness can we enjoy the excitement in simple things in life.


  1. It’s ok to say you’re not ok.
  2. Others can’t determine your future, you are in control of it.
  3. It’s ok to slow things down.
  4. Actions always speak louder than words.
  5. Pressure isn’t something you would like but will always be there no matter what. Yet, it still depends on you on how you handle it. Don’t let that pressure get into you.
  6. You’re never too young to start working for your dreams. You’re never too old to realize what you really want to do in life and work for them.


  1. Bones break easy, gold doesn’t.
  2. For even a slave must not surrender his dreams, so to shall he value his freedom.
  3. People are like leaves, only the destination knows how harsh or gentle their fall was.
  4. How much the end of the journey means can only be determined by the wind or the gravity.

And these are the 28 fortune cookies from me to you!


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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