A Haven of Luxury

An oasis with amazing heritage!

If there is one place I have been trying to visit every year because of the unforgettable experience they always give me, it would be the Landmark London. I would find myself dreaming and actually having wonderful meals at the Winter Garden during the past few years. The restaurant is located in the middle of the magnificent hotel. The feeling of having some European classics under elegant palm trees was just amazing.

This month and this year was a bit different, I was now luckier to be given the privilege to stay at the actual hotel for a staycation with friends and experience its quintessential charm. Located in Marylebone, just right across and a few steps away from Marylebone Station.

You will be welcomed by their lovely concierge. As you step in, you will already be in awe of how sophisticated it is here.

The classic vibe as we were walking to our room was not surprising but even gave us opulent comfort.

As we went inside our bedroom, I already thought that this was a staycation to remember and I was just happy that I was with my constants.

The room we were assigned in was very spacious that I could tell it will be one relaxing night. You could see the palm trees from the balcony like window too.

The room had two double beds which spelled comfort to us. The complimentary slippers were so cute too.

What I loved was that they were so generous that they had given us more complimentary gifts when we came back after stepping out for a while for dinner at the Winter Garden.

My experience of the High Palms High Tea last year was superb. The lunch from the other year was also memorable.

This time, for dinner, it was meaningful. Winter Garden’s beauty would always put a smile on my face.

We went for the dinner set menu which was more than enough. It had a good choice of starters, mains and desserts plus a glass of champagne. They also had an a la carte menu if that is what you prefer.

With 120 years of heritage, you can see traces of its astounding history. Known to be The Great Central Hotel, built to be the last great Victorian hotel, and was used to be a home for officers returning from war, before it became to what it is now.

You can see how much it supports its own, British brands all over their shopping displays, which was fascinating.

They too have a pub and bar in the hotel. Also, event spaces to hire for special occasions.

The details in every room you step in is just captivating, from the paintings to decors. Even the stairs were grand.

It truly is an enchanting hotel in the heart of the world’s finest city.

The whole experience did make me feel that The Landmark London was actually an oasis of luxury, sophistication and serenity.

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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