Fave Cafés in San Francisco

Cafés I frequent when in San Francisco!

San Francisco is a very special place for me. I have been there a couple of times already, if London was my 2nd home, then San Francisco is my 3rd, if not, it had already tied with London. I visit twice or even thrice a year. By now, I have already listed a couple of coffee shops I always see myself visiting when I’m in the Bay Area.

Here are the Cafés I frequent when in San Francisco:

Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette is a famous coffee shop chain established in South Korea which then branched out internationally. A branch in London has just been opened late last year but before all that happened, my first experience of this coffee shop chain was in Seoul. I was thrilled when I got to try it the second time in California as this wasn’t available in London then, about 4 years ago. They have the cutest cakes and, the amount of bread and pastries available for you to choose from is just massive. They have really nice coffee, complimenting the lovely pastries they have. The branch I particularly always visit is the one in Millbrae as this branch is bigger than the ones in downtown San Francisco, meaning more stuff to choose from.

Ghirardelli Square

A trip to San Francisco is never complete without the Ghirardelli experience. Ghirardelli is the signature chocolate California is known for. In Ghirardelli Square, you can try desserts made from these chocolates and drinks with Ghirardelli’s popular flavours like their chocolate bars. I always enjoy a day in the square with some desserts to enjoy too. There are a few branches of the Ghirardelli shops but the Ghirardelli Square is the one you must visit. Ghirardelli always proves that they can make life a bite better. Their coffee and hot chocolate included!

Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee is a coffeehouse chain based in San Francisco offering coffee with customized blends and crafted for over 25 years. It was just during my latest trip to California that I saw myself enjoying visiting Philz. They have a couple of branches all over San Francisco and Los Angeles. I found each branch to be very trendy and the flavours they offer are all very interesting. I’d like to try almost all of the flavours.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster with cafes in LA, SF, NYC, & Japan. I have always been a fan of the company from when I first had my freshly roasted and brewed coffee from them. Now own by Nestle, it is not new that there are quite a few branches all over California. So whenever I need a boost during my day in the Bay Area, a quick visit to a Blue Bottle Coffee branch would already make my day better. They also have their own merchandise which are really cute. I personally love the beans their selling which I make sure to purchase.

Joe & The Juice

Joe & The Juice is a Danish chain of juice bars and coffee shops around the world. Joe & the Juice has branches in Europe too, unlike the ones I have stated above which are only exclusive in California or in the USA. But I don’t see myself frequenting them, not like how much I visit the branch in Montgomery Street, in downtown San Francisco. I love the vibes in this branch. Yes, it’s the shop where scenes from Matrix 4 were filmed. I personally love their power juices and coffees. They also always use fresh ingredients which should be commended as the quality is always fresh.

Bake Cheese Tart

Not really a coffee shop but I thought I still include it. Bake Cheese Tart is a cheese tart shop known for their mission of crafting freshly baked cheese tarts to bring you the best of Hokkaido with every bite. They even offer different flavours apart from the signature original cheese tart. This shop is located in Westfield, as I love hanging around Union Square and Westfield. I had visited the shop a couple of times, seeing myself getting an americano to pair with their amazing cheese tarts. Can I just say how much I love their tarts? I see myself craving for it from time to time. Hoping they will be available in the UK, since I’d love a taste of Japan anytime, especially desserts and sweets.

Gram Café

Gram Café is a contemporary Japanese cafe offering sweet & savory pancakes, smoothies & all-day bites. I love some souffle pancakes to make my day better and a trip to this cafe made me smile. It was my first time visiting this cafe during my latest trip to San Francisco. This branch is located in Stonestown Galleria. I can still remember how much I had enjoyed the honeycomb latte and the hazelnut pancakes. I would definitely be visiting again when I go back mid this year.

Hope this list would somehow be useful for your future travels to the Bay Area as I definitely did.

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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