Sunny Appeal: Summer ’22 Lookbook

A little style diary for this year’s sunny appealing summer!

Summer is here and should I call it a ray of sunshine for everyone? Borders of different countries have opened and it was nice to see tourism starting to boost again. Everyone has been going on vacation and holidays around the globe. Summer does bring exciting experiences and unforgettable memories! I too, was really looking forward to this year’s summer.

Summer would be love and hate for me. I love it when it is still starting and some windy breeze is still apparent around. But when it gets to the middle and it gets too humid, I couldn’t really tolerate it. This year, multiple heatwaves have struck and we didn’t expect to experience a temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius. With varying temperatures, nevertheless sunny, I have tried to dress up appropriately, comfortably and still, prettily. Here are a few pieces I have given so much love and will still continue to give more love as summer isn’t entirely over yet!

Light Tweed

For when summer was still starting and the Spring breeze hasn’t completely bid goodbye yet, a light tweed jacket is a good companion.

I wore this light pink tweed jacket during 2 different occasions. First was for an afternoon tea with the ladies, I wore the jacket over a purple floral dress and a pair of ballet flats. Second was for a little trip to the museum with a friend, I kept it business casual to look kept, with a white top and jeans, accessorized with oxfords.

Lots of Pink Dresses

Pink dresses are a must for me all year round, in different shades preferably to make it more exciting.

On my birthday, I wore this pink baby doll dress from Forever New which had a lovely bow in the back. For the day after, I wore this pink broderie dress which looked like it’s almost purple. I love me in a puff sleeve dress which both dresses have which makes me even more happier.

The Classic White Button Down

You can never go wrong with a white button down.

You can wear a white button down shirt as it is like how I did in the first photo as preppy was the choice of style I went for that day I met a close friend for lunch. On the second photo, it was one of those days that the heatwave has struck and the temperature rose up to 35 degrees, I wore a bodysuit and a flared trouser with this white button down as a cover up and a pair of Air Force 1’s.

A Fave, The Little White Dress

I love wearing little white dresses as these are staples during the summer and the warmer months.

For the photo in the left, I wore this white frill mini dress which I paired with a pair of pink trainers and a pink oversized jacket to put some spice in my already very girly ensemble. While the photo in the right shows me wearing this white floral dress with a pink cardigan and a pair of espadrilles. Both were from when I attended a music festival one weekend in July which I totally enjoyed.

Pinks and Whites

My kind of palette especially during this time of the year would be loads of whites, pinks and a combination of both.

For the instances on these photos. I had white jeans, flare and mom jeans to be exact; and pink jackets on, cropped leather and oversized tweed jackets to be specific. Different pieces combined to make different styles but still both very me.

What were your favourite pieces and styles for this year’s summer? Hope you enjoyed my little style diary!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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