UK Series: Windsor, Stonehenge & Bath

A day trip to remember!

Season changes won’t stop me from discovering different beautiful sites the United Kingdom has got to offer!

Earlier this month, I and my friends decided to go on a day trip to see 3 of the most visited and popular sites here in the United Kingdom. This trip was something I have always thought of since around 3 years ago but only had the chance to push this through recently.

The plan was to go on our own tour as we like taking our own time but thought we could save more if we joined a group tour which was something we eventually decided to do. You may have limited time to spend in each site when in a group tour, but you can actually save more money with this, plus it’s less hassle as you won’t need to worry about catching the train or what time the next train is. I was actually satisfied with the whole tour!

The first stop of the day trip was Windsor Castle. Windsor Castle is a royal residence in Berkshire, also known as Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite place to stay at, as she stays here during most weekends. It was lucky of us that she was actually present during our visit there. Her flag was waving on top of the castle but sadly, it was a cloudy morning that even when I took a photo of it, it wouldn’t be seen. It was such a magnificent castle that embodies almost a millenium of architectural history. 2 hours were definitely not enough to go around and see it. Also, we were truly fortunate as we saw the changing of guards too, considering that they don’t do it in front of the public everyday.

The second stop of the group tour was Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. It was really awesome as I still wonder how they were formed. It has really interesting history too!

The last stop was one of my favourite cities in the UK, Bath. We visited the Roman Baths, a well preserved thermae in Somerset.

This was the second time I visited Bath and indeed, it is sweeter the second time around. The history of the Roman Baths still amazed me and I’m still in awe with how beautiful the city is! We also saw the Bath Abbey from outside, one of my favourite churches in the UK in terms of architecture & structure.

I really enjoyed the whole trip! I’ll definitely be back at each sites, now taking more of my time to appreciate it, no rushing, probably just 1 or 2 sites in a day. I can’t wait to visit more beautiful sites United Kingdom has got to offer!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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