CAFÉ SERIES 14: WatchHouse

Experience modern coffee with this exceptional café!

Looking for that memorable modern coffee experience? It’s got to be with WatchHouse! WatchHouse is a renowned coffee shop that started in 2014 at the famous Bermondsey Street in London. They now have 7 houses that will give you different experiences each. WatchHouse is committed to bringing you that modern coffee experience. Modern Coffee is a holistic approach to making your local café experience exceptional: excellent coffee, considered spaces, quality food and most importantly, the best people.

I visited WatchHouse Somerset House and I would say I was impressed.

As expected, the place was very aesthetically pleasing and relaxing at the same time. The kind of place where I would enjoy a cup of coffee alone, or with a friend.

You will see their menu as you enter the shop. Laid out in front are also the food they’re offering, which I would say, all so tempting!

They also have their merchandise stand which are also available on their site online.

I and my friend ordered our go-to’s. A cup of mocha for me and hot chocolate for her. I must say, it was one of the best cups of mocha I have ever had! For food, we shared a Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap, 2 Espresso Tarts for each of us and a Cookies and Cream Brownie. All of which we enjoyed!

My modern coffee experience? Amazing! I personally would love to visit all 7 of WatchHouse’s houses! So, where to next?

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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