Lip Talk: Lippies Perfect For Autumn (2021)

Lippies I’m loving for Autumn this year!

Early sunsets only meant Autumn’s finally here! Although I had wished for summer not to end, I’m also pretty excited for the lovely autumn colours. To welcome the Fall season, it’s yet time again to share the lippies I’m recommending which would be great for this time of the year!

Here are the lippies I love for Autumn 2021:

Dasique Blur Velvet Tint

The Dasique Blur Velvet Tint is a velvet lip tint that completes your mood like a flower. This creates smooth, velvety lips with a soft fit when applied.

Dasique is a somehow new korean beauty brand. It is my first time purchasing from the brand after hearing such great reviews about it. Inspired by flowers that bloom and wilt in the course of nature, cosmetic brand “Dasique” cultivates the true beauty in you. Achieve a floral vibe that only you can bloom. Dasique presents various collections to unlock your inner beauty. Dasique will walk you through unlocking your hidden beauty. For an introduction of the brand, I chose to purchase their Blur Velvet Tint which a few friends have recommended for me to try.

The Dasique Blur Velvet Tint is a soft, velvet tint with a soft feel upon application. This tint is available in 5 shades with mysterious and subtle colours that will brighten up the face. I got the colour (#03) Rose Berry. All 5 colours are especially perfect for Fall but I thought this one would suit me best. Rose Berry is a coral, rosey shade. This shade is perfect for daily use this season. It is really soft when applied unto the lips. It isn’t drying at all and is very lightweight on the lips even when you apply 2 or more coats. It lasts for about 6 hours without eating or drinking. This costs 8 GBP or 10 USD each. I’m very impressed with this, I can’t wait to try more from the brand!

Etude House Fixing Tint

The Etude House Fixing Tint is a weightless, matte lip tint that is transfer proof.

Etude House is a brand I have always trusted. For those who don’t know yet, Etude means beautiful. The brand’s slogan is “All of you are born as princesses”. The Etude House Fixing Tint has been all over social media as it is made to be transfer proof, mask proof to be exact. Due to the current situation, all of us have to wear masks, discouraging us to wear lip products but with this tint, you can safely wear a lip product, even when you have to wear a face mask on!

The Etude House Fixing Tint has a high-moisture matte formula that delivers a light and comfy feeling on the lips. It has the new hydro-matte texture that fixates and colours the lips with moist finish. It’s promise of zero transfer, 60 seconds after application is real and I have proven it! I was very impressed with this lip product. It was a very clever move for Etude House to produce these tints. It lasts for about 6-8 hours without eating and drinking. It really is lightweight and is very buildable. This tint is available in 5 shades and I got Mellow Peach which is a warm coral shade. Another shade I’d like to wear daily for the Autumn season. Each tint retails at around 8 GBP or 10 USD. This tint is definitely worth the hype!

Then I Met You Honey Dew Lip Mask

The Then I Met You Honey Dew Lip Mask is a versatile lip mask that can be used as a daily glossy balm or intense night treatment.

Then I Met You is a premium skin care line founded by the beauty expert, Charlotte Cho. The brand is inspired by the korean concept of Jeong: a deep and meaningful connection that one can develop for people, places and things. The brand is very much raved and I have been wanting to try out one of their products and found myself drawn to the lip mask. I hate having cracked lips and I swear by a good lip mask so this pushed me to get the product. Now, I found myself using the product so much that I am almost finished with it. With the seasons changing and as it is starting to get colder, this is a must have weapon!

The Then I Met You Honey Dew Lip Mask is made with a blend of hydrators like juicy, antioxidant-rich honeydew, naturally moisturizing squalane and honey. It also has an optimal level of lactic acid that will gently and gradually exfoliate the lips for soft comfort. I have been using this as both exfoliant and balm. It has helped me keep my lips moisturized and will surely keep using it.

For my autumn look, I have decided to combine all products, great thing is these products compliment each other. I take a bit of the lip mask to use as lip balm. Spread the fixing tint on my lips then dab a bit of the blur velvet tint on the center of my lips for that lovely gradient lips. This will surely be my fave look this season!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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