Mid-Year (2021) Favourites

My favourites for the first half of this year, 2021!

2021 didn’t start as how we wanted it to be but hope was built as days, weeks and months go by. Time is just incredibly fast, especially when you’re busy and you’ve got a lot of things to think about. Looking back at the first half of this year, I’m just truly grateful that I am and my loved ones are well. Constantly praying for things to get better eventually and for everyone’s wellness.

This year is the 5th year I have been featuring my biannual favourite things list and is actually something I look forward to doing every 6 months. Let’s not make it long since this is quite a list. Here are my mid-year 2021 favourites list!

Beauty (Makeup)

·       Laneige Neo Cushion Glow

This has been my go-to base foundation and I’m really in love with this. This was perfect for when transitioning to Spring as it has a dewy glow. I’ve been using this for the whole Springtime too!

·       Apieu Juicy Pang Mousse Tint

One thing I love about this tint despite the matte finish is how comfortable and light it is on the lips.

·       Amuse Dew Velvet Tints

My first Amuse products! Yay! But really, I love how lightweight and buildable these lippies are. Plus the colour payoff is amazing too!

·       3CE Stylenanda Blur Water Tint

This tint is transfer proof and that’s enough for me to put it in my faves list! Love the mlbb shade of Coral Moon too.

·       Clio Mad Matte Stain Lip

Another lippie with amazing pigmentation that I’ve been giving so much love during the Spring!

·       Moonshot Reve de Paris Stick Extreme Pro

The proof of little goes a long way! A little swipe gives off so much colour payoff already. Love how soft this is when applied on the lips too.

·       Dior Addict Stellar Gloss

Love that this gloss just goes with any lip product I wear!

·       Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm

My everyday lip balm! I think that’s enough said. 

·       Byredo Tinted Lip Balm

The prettiest lip balm yet! The slick packaging and the magnet closing really sold me this but it is also very moisturising.


Beauty (Skincare)

·       VT Cica Care Spot Patch

Spot patches are definitely my bestfriends now that we have to keep wearing masks and my skin is a big victim of maskne.

·       VT Cica x Hyalon Derma Cica Spot Patch

One thing I love about this variant is that each patch has a paper attached to each patch which means you wouldn’t need to touch the patches. It is very hygienic. Plus these ones aren’t so visible when applied.

·       COSRX Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream

This eyecream has significantly helped moisturise my eye area and make my eyes look a bit brighter. It has been so far so good with this eye cream.

·       COSRX Advanced Snail Radiance Dual Essence

This essence with the Snail Power Essence just gives amazing results. It is very moisturising and my acne scars just goes away quicker than it usually does.

·       COSRX Advanced Snail Mucin Gel Cleanser

My favourite gel cleanser yet! My skin usually reacts to gel cleansers eventually with time, but it has never reacted to this! I’m on my 2nd tub now just because that’s how I love it and how much I’ve been using it!

·       COSRX Comfort Ceramide Cream Mist

I’m not a fan of moisturisers on top of makeup but I love how this doesn’t feel like it is one. This would totally be great for the summer time too!



·       & Other Stories Larkstaden Body Wash, Body Lotion and Body Oil

The almond scent on these body products is just so addicting. You just smell really sweet after application but not overpowering. These are my everyday body products, most especially when going to work.

·       Too Cool for School Egg Mellow Body Butter

My saviour! Winter extended throughout April with days that it just suddenly snows which meant bad days for my skin, but this has greatly saved my very dry skin.

·       Le Labo Neroli 36 Shower Gel and Body Lotion

Neroli is one scent I really like and these body products from Le Labo just makes me smile after I apply them. This reminds me of a lovely warm Spring day.

·       Cath Kidston London Moisturising Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitisers are a must these days and I love how sleek and thin the packaging is plus the smell is really good.

·       Santa Maria Novella Latte Corpo Melograno and Crema Fluida Fresia

Melograno and Fresia are two of my favourite scents from Santa Maria Novella. Both are light and powdery but Fresia is a bit more floral. The Melograno Body Milk is a gift from a friend while I bought the Fresia Body Cream. Applying these before going to bed just gives me good dreams, I alternately use these 2.

·       W.Dressroom New York Hand Cream 49 and Tamburins Nude H.and Cream in 000

Washing your hands frequently makes your hands extremely dry but these hand creams helped my hands a lot. Both have very different scents as the W.Dressroom 49 smells very fruity and sweet, while the Tamburins Nude Hand Cream is mellow and woody. I just choose according to my mood but these are my bestfriends especially at work.

·       Jo Malone London Orange Peel Cologne

The Orange Peel Cologne is Jo Malone’s limited summer edition cologne. I love how it isn’t so sweet and is actually very neutral. I can imagine myself putting these on for the whole of summer!

·       Ouai Hair Oil and Wetbrush Pro Detangler

I shower twice a day so if I have work and when I’m in a hurry, detangling my wet hair with this comb is much easier. Styling my hair with the Ouai Hair Oil to keep my baby hair calm while I tie it on a ponytail is just ever so helpful too.


Fashion (Clothing)

·       The Flower Season Floral Dress in Lilac

I dont usually wear purple but this dress was so pretty and it is so flowy too!

·       Somedays Pink Ribbon Dress

I’m in love with this dress! I love how it fits me with just the right length.

·       The Flower Season Pink Collar Dress

I’ve been eyeing this dress since 2019 and I finally got it in December of 2020. But I just got to wear it this month and I already guessed that this would totally fit any occasions!

·       All Saints Pink Cropped Leather Jacket

The Spring must have! This is another item I got since late last year but just got to wear it during Spring this year. This is actually the item I would need to have for Spring!

·       Chuu Pink Check Cropped Jumper

When I saw this online, I fell in love with it. It is also very warm and comfy. Although I only got to wear it once in the Spring, this would definitely be an overused item for Autumn and Winter!

·       Somedays Pink Tweed Jacket

This jacket is actually part of a set of coordinate but I’ve been wearing this paired with other things too. The pale pink colour is just so pretty!


Fashion (Accessories)

·       Tory Burch Brown Crossbody Bag

I love how simple and classy this crossbody bag looks.

·       Longchamp Pink Chain Strap Crossbody Bag

The most overused bag this year so far! I even used this for my what’s in my bag post. It may not look like it but you can put a lot of stuff here.

·       Miumiu Pink Card Holder

With card payments only when shopping, card holders are a must have. This pink Miumiu card holder is a dream come true for me. Isn’t it just so pretty?

·       Chanel Logo Gold Earrings and Necklace

No, I didn’t buy these from Chanel. But yes, these are real gold! I just thought these are classic accessories you can wear anytime on any occasion.

·       Dior H Twill Scarf

Twill scarves are a trend these days so I got one with my initial on it. I have been using this as a head band, a bag accesory and even tied it around my wrist. It is super soft too.

·       Noonoo Fingers Rings

These rings from Noonoo fingers are just so cute!

·       Rosegold and Pearl Chain Straps

I tend to lose my masks but with these straps on, that doesn’t happen anymore. Also, these are so cute!

·       Tatiana Jewelry Ear Cuffs

Earrings are my favourite accessories but I’m somehow scared of having multiple piercings so these earcuffs help so much plus these are so cute and stylish.


Home Scents

·       Maison Berger Round Classic Lampe Berger

I love having my room smelling nice and it is just amazing how this lamp fills my room with the scent I like in just a few minutes.

·       Byredo Fleur Fantome

I really like the powdery, floral scent this candle has. I will definitely get a big one next time.

·       Diptyque City Candles in Londres, Paris and Seoul

The magic of scent just mystifies me. It gives you nostalgia and all other emotions which is why I especially got these candles from Diptyque. 



·       Neogen Sur.medic KF94 Mask

Like it or not, wearing masks is mandatory but I like how breathable these KF94 masks are and these doesn’t irritate my skin so much.

·       Samsung Galaxy S21 in Pink with Kate Spade Floral Case

One out of the 10 things I can’t live without, my phone! Currently, it is a Samsung Galaxy S21 and I’ve been enjoying its features. This floral case from Kate Spade is really cute too! 

·       Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

The sound that comes out from these Buds Live are out of this world! These are just so good plus these are noise cancelling too!

·       Samsung Smart Tag

I’m not losing anything valuable anymore, thanks to this Smart Tag!



·       D’Icon Issue N.10 BTS Life Goes On in BTS and Jin (solo) covers

The content in these D’Icon magazines are just so good! I can’t stop flipping through the pages on my free time.

·       London in Bloom and Paris in Bloom by Georgianna Lane

The art of photography just never fails to impress me. These photo books by Georgianna Lane just makes me wish for spring to come back sooner but thankfully, I still have these to flip through.

·       Joy in the Little Things by Kerrie Hess

It’s amazing how this book reminds you of how amazing little things are. Kudos to Kerrie Hess for this amazing book! 



·       When We Were Younger by Loving Caliber

A song that I usually play to lift my mood.

·       BTS BE Essential Album and BTS’ Life Goes On

Life Goes On has been the theme of my life ever since the pandemic started and I just keep playing this song again and again.

·       BTS’ Fix You Cover

BTS is my favourite group and Fix You by Coldplay is a classic, imagine the joy it gave me when BTS covered this song!

·       BTS’ Butter

My go-to feel good song recently! 

·       TWICE Taste of Love and TWICE’s Alcohol Free

This release from TWICE is totally a summer anthem!

·       Ateez and all Ateez songs

Yes, I did have an Ateez phase and now, I am definitely a new fan! Their songs are all so good too!



·       Weverse NYE Live and BTS Sowozoo (online concerts)

I’m an avid concert goer and I totally miss going to one but thanks to these online concerts, it somehow filled up how much I miss them.

·       True Beauty, Live On and A Love So Beautiful (kdramas)

School dramas that are so good and I recommend for those school drama lovers!

·       Uncanny Counter and River Where the Moon Rises (kdrama)

These 2 dramas are a must watch! 

·       Geez and Ann (Netflix movie)

It was my first time watching an Indonesian movie and I love it! This was one really good movie!

·       Minari (movie)

The first movie I watched in the cinema and it is so heart wrenching. This is one outstanding movie!

·       Perfect and Casual and Love Scenery (cdramas)

2 chinese dramas that I totally enjoyed watching!

·       Kingdom: Legendary War (TV program)

I looked forward to every Thursday while Kingdom was on!

·       So I Married the Antifan (kdramas)

An idol drama that I really enjoyed watching!



·       Spring in London

I spent my Spring going around London witnessing how the Cherry Blossoms and the Wisterias bloom and it gave me so much optimism.


There were a lot of challenges thrown when this year started but thankfully, these were overcome succesfully and hoping things will continue to flourish from here on. Hoping for everyone to be safe and well as this year continues on!


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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