Lip Talk: Lippies Perfect for Summer (2021)

Lippies I’m loving for Summer this year!

The summer has come quite early, as it isn’t really officially summer yet. No one’s complaining though, but just making the most of the lovely, sunny weather. I’ve been out frequently since June started and had been using these opportunities to wear some pretty lippies perfect for the summer season!

The second entry of my quarterly and seasonal lippies feature is here! I tend to lean on just the daily mlbb looks most of the year but summer seems to be different as I try out bolder colours. Coral coloured lippies though are staples for my summer as I get more drawn to them during the season.

Here are the lippies I love for Summer 2021:

3CE Stylenanda Blur Water Tint

The 3CE Stylenanda Blur Water Tint is a water-gel like tint that adheres seamlessly to your lips with a light blur finish and soft formula.

The 3CE Stylenanda Blur Water Tint is one lip tint definitely perfect for the summer! As its description says, it is a water-like gel tint with a silky, smooth finish which is very soft, moisturizing and comfortable on the lips, not heavy at all and is also very buildable. It is enriched with a light primer, giving your lips a seamless coverage with a soft-focus look, making it lovely for gradient lips but is also very pretty for a full lips look. What I love most about this is it being true to the promise of being transfer-proof! As we wear masks, lipstick transfers are unavoidable but luckily, this does stay true to that promise which is a total plus for me.

This tint is available in 10 colours but I personally chose Coral Moon as it is a subtle coral shade with a hint of peach which isn’t too loud that would be great for a daily look this season. This shade is something I would definitely wear for the whole summer season! This tint retails around 15 USD (around 10 GBP) making it a total must have!

Apieu Juicy Pang Mousse Tint

The Apieu Juicy Pang Mousse Tint is a soft mousse tint that creates lively, velvety lips.

The Apieu Juicy Pang Mousse Tint may be a mousse tint but it truly is lightweight and smooth despite the matte finish. I tend to avoid velvet and matte finishes during the summer yet, it was a different case for this tint as it is not sticky at all, truly smooth and comfortable on the lips. This is also because this is like a combination of a water tint and a velvet tint that gives off long lasting moisture on the lips, glides smoothly and has featherlike texture. Yes, it does last quite a while, about 6-8hours without any touch ups.

This tint is available in 16 shades and I bought CR03 Plum for this season. All the shades are vivid but I was particularly attracted to this colour, it was a bright coral shade but not too intimidating. I thought this would be lovely whenever I wear a white tee or dress. This retails around 9 USD (around 7 GBP), making you want to grab more colours!

Byredo Baume à Lèvres

My lip balm of choice for the summer is the Byredo Baume à Lèvres!

The Byredo Baume à Lèvres or tinted lip balm is something I’ve been eyeing on! Byredo first released a non tinted one last year but the tinted ones were released just early this year. This lip balm promises long lasting nourishment with just a single glide made from 100% natural, vegan formulation. It does live up to its promise of long lasting nourishment as it has been my bestfriend, most especially at work. The colour may be a bit subtle with just a single swipe of the product but you can definitely layer it more to make the colour clearer.

This lip balm is available in 4 variants, a non tinted one and 3 tinted shades. I got Rosa which is a blush pink shade, something I can wear all year but will also look pretty under the coral shades of the lippies I featured above. Also, can we just talk about how pretty the packaging is? It also has a silver, metal case with a magnetic closing click. It does come in a dust bag too, what more can you ask for? This retails around 45 USD (around 35 GBP) but is totally worth the price! I can already preempt that I’d be gving so much love for this lip balm!

One thing perfect for all these lippies? You can combine them all! The Byredo lip balm as base, layered with the 3CE blur tint in Coral Moon and a gradient highlight with the Apieu Juicy Pang Mousse Tint in Plum. A combination I’ll be sporting all summer!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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