Spring Love: Spring ’21 Lookbook

My favourite styles from Spring 2021!

Spring is definitely my favourite season and it is the season I love to dress up to. Here in the United Kingdom, we’ve been blessed that lockdown had started easing during the beginning of Spring. Unlike last year when we were in total lockdown. This made me really happy that I wanted to dress my best everytime I was out, still following all the lockdown protocols each time I am out, of course! I thought it was best to wrap up my favourite season with a little lookbook and just because I totally missed dressing up!

To celebrate the start of Spring and to see the budding cherry blossoms, I wore this very pretty purple floral dress from one of my favourite shops, The Flower Season. I covered up as it was still chilly with a beige trenchcoat, wore my favourite ecru lace up boots which were honestly very loved this season, and finished everything wiith another loved item, my pale pink Longchamp handbag. Oh! I also tied my favourite Dior silk twill on the bag to make the outfit extra cute.

For a long awaited catch up with my friends and as outdoor dining has been opened, I wore this cute number. The chilly winter air wasn’t totally gone yet so I wore this grey oversized blazer over a jumper with an embelished collar, paired with a cute pink skirt and placed a belt over the blazer. I finished everything with my favourite pieces this season, the pink handbag and ecru lace up boots.

Can I just say that Spring is all about cute outfits? I wore this white lace turtleneck under a white cardigan, paired with a black skirt and wore my white oxfords out. Trenchcoat would totally be my favourite outer cover this season, as I give extra love for this one I got from Superdry and grabbed my Longchamp pink bag too.

I’ve been wanting to wear this cute pink and beige cardigan I still got for the winter from Chuu and I finally got to wear it. It was a laidback kind of day, just hanging in the park, so I just paired it with this beige mom jeans, my pair of oxfords and this cropped pink leather jacket from All Saints to finish things up.

The wysterias are out! I went with a friend to walk around the pretty neighborhood of South Kensington to see all the wysteria. For a casual walk, I just wore a pair of beige jeans, a striped top, this pink leather jacket again and fisnished everything with my favourite pair of Fila trainers.

Masks are still mandatory when going indoors and when on public transport, so for a day at the mall, I had my mask on the whole day but this doesn’t stop me from dressing up like how I want to. I had this pink velvet top on paired with these pair of beige jeans. I had a trenchcoat over again and wore these pair of lace ups, yes, again. These with my pink belt and bag have been so loved this Spring.

White and pink would definitely be my favourite colour combination, if it’s not even obvious yet. I wore a white dress and a pink jumper over it for a day out at the museum as galleries and museums reopened which delighted me. This is a set I finished off with my pink handbag, beige trenchcoat and white oxfords. Repeated but these are just so cute. (P.S. Masks were worn and only removed when taking photos.)

For a sophisticated afternoon tea at The Ritz London, I wore this cute pink dress from Somedays paired with a white blazer, my beloved pair of beige lace up boots and finished everything with this Tory Burch brown handbag, yes, I know, I finally thought of changing bags (LOL)!

It’s finally June and the warmer days are here! June is also my birthmonth which made me totally excited. I started my birthmonth with a day out with a friend. It was also the first celebration among the many for my birthday week. I had this pink top I got from Spao in Seoul 2 years ago, paired with this beige tweed skirt I bought from Somedays and had this denim cropped biker jacket to make things a little less girly which was from Cherryville in Yesstyle (My code YESHONEY5 is available for you to use for a 5% off your purchase from Yesstyle). What I love about dressing up for the warmer days would totally be wearing my favourite type of shoes, ballet flats, so I had one pair out of the few pairs I have on!

Lunch dates has been my thing whenever I’m out with my friends recently. I’ve been wanting to wear this pink dress from The Flower Season which I still got way back in December, so I finally wore it out for a lunch date with a close friend. By the way, this was the same dress Kim Hye Yoon wore in her drama Extraordinary You, but hers was in blue. Like I said, I love wearing ballerina flats, so I had this two toned pair from Butterfly Twists worn.

The first part of my birthday weekend was by the beach in Brighton so I wanted to dress up casually but still cute. I had this white floral dress on under a white denim jacket. I had my lowcut Converse trainers on and this cute Good Vibes Only tote from The Inspired Stories.

Wrapping up this Spring lookbook is the outfit I wore on my birthday. This whole outfit was so me and I’m totally in love with it! I had this pink tweed coordinate from my favourite Korean shop, Somedays. I also wore this white cropped top from Chuu under , for when I take off the blazer during my afterparty. I really liked this pink Pandora Crossbody bag from Aspinal of London which I brought with me and finished everything up with this low heeled slingbacks from & Other Stories.

This Spring has been really good to me and I totally enjoyed dressing up for the season! Hope you enjoyed this little lookbook!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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