CAFÉ SERIES 11: Artbox Café

A taste of the cutest café in the UK!

If there was one café that I had been wanting to visit, it would be the Artbox Café in Brighton! I finally got to visit this café last month or should I say, I actually brought my friends with me to Brighton to visit this café? Well, I had booked a reservation last year but the UK went on lockdown so it got pushed back. Being there made me truly happy! 

Artbox Café is a cartoon-themed shop offering cute desserts, snacks and drinks. Just passing by it, it would definitely catch your attention. The café features different themes for a specific time. They have featured Pusheen and Gudetama before, their current theme (as of time of visit and the reason why I’ve been wanting to visit) is Line Friends BT21.

The café with the tables and seats were located on the 1st floor of the shop. You would have to queue outside to wait for your time slot as reservations are highly encouraged, you would be lucky if you would be accomodated as a walk-in, then go up the stairs with this cute sign on.

As we went up the 1st floor, my eyes literally turned into hearts. I wanted to occupy the whole space for myself and take photos of every corner. It was the most adorable place in Brighton!

They offer a wide variety of food and drinks too, from savoury to sweet, all of which are with cute presentations!

I and my friends wanted to order everything in the menu but we managed to stop ourselves and just got what’s right for us. We had 3 mocktails for drinks. For our main meal, we decided to share on the BT21 Universtar Toastie and the RJ Rice Curry. Then for desserts, we had the Shooky Choccy Waffle and the BT21 Mix & Match Sundae. Everything was really good!

On the ground floor, and once you enter the shop, you will be welcomed into their pop up store and their ice cream parlour where you can get not only ice cream but also quite a selection of take away too. We did some shopping after that wonderful meal, got some souvenirs for this memorable visit! I’ll definitely be coming back before this theme says goodbye and will be visiting again once they have launched a new one!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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