Amuse Dew Velvet Tint

The lip tints for those who love them both dewy and velvet lips!

Product Description: A vegan and 40% water-infused water stain velvet tint which doesn’t come off. This promises that dewy feel but velvet finish, hence, dewy inside but velvet outside.

Packaging: These tints come in with a twist cap and doe foot applicator attached. The packaging is really minimal and is really pleasing to the eyes. As it is transparent, you can see the shade of the tint.

Texture: These tints give off a dewy feel upon application but finishes off velvet without you having noticed it as it is water infused.

Colour: The dew velvet tints are available in 8 shades, all perfect for that daily look.

Scent: Upon application, you would barely smell anything but when you try to sniff the doe foot applicator or the opened bottle then you will notice a sweet, floral-like scent.

Directions: Taking an approriate amount with the doe foot applicator, smooth unto the lips evenly. You can apply 2 or more swipes.

Effect Duration: For a water-infused water stain tint, this lasts quite a long time, about 7-8 hours even with a few drinks in between.

Price: One retails for about 18-20 USD (14-16 GBP).

Rating: 3.5/5

Amuse is a kbeauty brand known for their vegan products. The brand was inspired by the city of Seoul and the people from it. It is one of the few brands I have been wanting to try but since it’s one of the newer brands, it isn’t really accessible yet, only in South Korea, Japan and the US. Despite that, even when the brand was established in 2018, they have been setting trends and making waves online. Finally, I got to get my hands on their latest release (with a help of a friend from Seoul)!

The Dew Velvet Tints are the latest release from Amuse. These promises to give off the dewy feel but velvet finish that lasts long. As Amuse is known for their MLBB and muted coral shades, all 8 shades of the Dew Velvet Tints are perfect for everyday use. I got 2 of these, #1 Spring Blossom (Boksoonga Blossom) which is a pretty mlbb pink shade, and #5 Seouler which is a lovely muted coral. These tints are really easy to use. I first thought these were really pigmented but I had to swipe 2 or 3 times to achieve the colour I wanted, this was the reason behind my personal rating. I then realized that these were water-infused which made sense to me why these were a bit clear and glossy upon application, but these made them really lightweight and thankfully, these are very buildable. What amused me was how it granted its promise of not coming off. As I tried to erase the swatches on my hand, nothing came off with 1 swipe of my makeup remover, I had to rub it thoroughly before it started coming off. Yes, it is the same on the lips, it did last long looking the same as how you initially applied the tint for the next 3-4 hours which is rare in a tint, especially that I drink a lot. It lasted a good 7-8 hours for me. I also really like how you wouldn’t feel that it has a velvet finish. It is moisturizing which made me think these tints are made for the late Spring to Summer months. These made a good impression on me, I would definitely purchase more Amuse products!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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