CAFÉ SERIES 10: Café Kitsuné (London)

My favourite café is finally in the city! Time to satisfy those cravings…

Café Kitsuné is finally in London! Café Kitsuné is the well known coffee shop franchise of music and fashion brand Maison Kitsuné. I have previously featured Café Kitsuné Paris here in my Café series. The branch in Paris is truly one of my favourite coffee shops ever, as I make sure to visit it whenever I’m in Paris. With lockdown and being unable to travel outside the UK the past few months, I’ve been extremely missing my favourite coffee shop. Imagine my happiness and excitement when I learned they finally have a branch close to me.

Café Kitsuné London is located at the ground floor of Pantechnicon. Pantechnicon is home for a playful celebration of Nordic and Japanese creativity and craftmanship, told through food, drink, design and experiences. It is situated at the heart of Belgravia.

As you approach the coffee shop, their very instagrammable merchandise would definitely catch your attention. Well, it won’t be a Café Kitsuné branch if they didn’t have their signature merchandise being sold. I have yet to get myself a tote bag, a reason for me to come back.

The menu is as what you can see on the image below. I was really pleased that they have a wider offering here in their London branch but with their signature offerings as well.

Everything seemed to be very delectable to me. I had a huge grin on my face when I saw the food displayed. I was specifically pleased that they had sando, or sandwiches, as I was kind of hungry on the day I visited the shop. They even have some salad on their menu too. Both sandwiches and salads are great for a meal already or even for just a snack.

I brought my fellow matcha lover friend with me. We both shared on the things we ordered which are a chicken katsu sando which had a very light texture but was actually very filling; a caramel miso pecan chocolate bar which had the right kind of sweetness; a new fave of mine, the matcha and white chocolate cookie, it was one of the best matcha cookies I have ever had; and the signature Kitsuné Fox shortbread/cookie. We both got a Blossom Iced Matcha Latte each which was pleasantly good.

My cravings were more than satisfied. I was smiling after my visit there. If it isn’t obvious yet, I’d be coming back here again and again! This would definitely my go-to breakfast spot or any time of the day hang out for some good coffee place.

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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