What’s In My Bag? (2021)

Sharing to you, what’s really inside my bag?

I have been seeing a lot of what’s in my bag posts and videos recently. This is something I enjoy watching. Also, I have received multiple messages and requests asking me to do one. Since it’s a classic post, I have now given in. Actually, I have been wanting to do one but never really thought of actually doing it. So to grant requests, I have finally done it. (I have also posted a short video of it on my Instagram Reels!)

I constantly change bags from time to time, but regardless of whichever bag I have, the contents are mostly the same. I am currently enjoying this crossbody bag I bought from Longchamp last December.

Here are the contents of my bag:

  • Card holder – I barely bring any bills with me as it is recommended to have contactless transactions with everything that’s going on recently. I love this one from Miu Miu as it has 6 slots and can accommodate most of my cards and IDs. You can see here my Oyster card for travelling around the city and the Army Membership Card.
  • A portable battery – this is very essential for me, I never leave the house without one! Plus the cord that goes with it.
  • Ear buds – I love walking with music on. This just make things easier whenever I receive calls while I’m out as I do a lot of multi tasking.
  • House keys! With this is my 7 BTS x Baskin Robbins keyring.
  • A spare mask – this is very understandable. I sometimes don’t just have 1 but more extra masks with me.
  • A pen – keep one with you all the time as you’ll never know when you’ll ever need one.
  • Makeup – I just bring very minimal makeup with me, usually just a concealer, a lip balm and my choice my lip colour for that certain day. Here, I have a sunscreen as it is starting to get really warm during the day. Gotta touch that spf up!
  • Perfume – I like bringing smaller bags with me so perfume samples like these 2 bottles I received from Dior come in really handy.
  • Sanitizer/Hand cream – Keep your hands sanitized! Also, to prevent having dry hands which I totally dislike, I have a hand cream and hand wash with me which both smell so heavenly! My favourite scents from Byredo!
  • Umbrella – been living in the UK for a while now but I still couldn’t get how the weather is ever so changing. Having an umbrella with you always is essential!
  • Mirror – For those little touch ups!
  • Vitamins – I sometimes forget to drink my vitamins so it helps to have some in my bag so that I can just take it whenever I remember.
  • Mints – I like the feel of having fresh breath so I like keeping mints with me.
  • Pills – I will never know when my migraine would hit me. Also, I get really bad tummy cramps during that time of the month so some Brufen are needed.
  • Bandages – A small and not too obvious first aid. Aren’t these cute too?
  • Toilet drops – I love eating out but who will ever know when nature calls? To play it safe, I have toilet drops with me.
  • Wet wipes – universal use wet wipes are very much required these days.
  • Extra nappy – in case the monthly visitor arrives while I’m out & about.

I don’t bring so much with me, just the essentials as I like carrying around a small and cute, but versatile and multi functional bags with me. What have you got in your bag?

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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