Good (Skin) Days C’s The Day Serum

The serum you’ll need for brighter skin days!

Product Description: The Good (Skin) Days’ C’s The Day serum is a Vitamin C serum formulated with 10% pure Vitamin C to help target hyperpigmentation and with daily use, can swiftly lighten scarring, sun spots and other types of pigmentation.

Volume: This comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a dropper that you can replace the cap with.

Scent: This has that distinct ascorbic scent that you usually get with every other vitamin c serums but not as strong.

Ingredients: The key ingredients in this serum aside from 10% pure vitamin c, are licorice root extract and niacinamide (vitamin B3) which both help to diminish dullness, improve tone, and minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. This serum also has a blend of ginseng and mushroom to help and nourish the skin. Lastly, this has camu camu, an antioxidant, cherry-like fruit that contains 40x more vitamin c than oranges. (Full list of ingredients below.)

Directions: Mix 2-3 drops with your moisturizer or apply 2-3 drops directly onto your skin before your moisturizer every night.

Times Used: I have used this for a month now, I started with every other night then after 2 weeks, I proceeded with using this every night.

Skin Reaction: A light tingly feel upon application was noticeable when I started using this but I eventually got used to it. There were no bad reactions too.

Price: This retails at 26 USD (around 20 GBP).

Rating: This is a 4/5 for me!

Good (Skin) Days is a brand owned by Soko Glam which is committed to approachable, effective formulations that are designed with one’s skincare journey in mind, Good Skin Days ahead! As a kbeauty enthusiast, I know the reputation Soko Glam holds and when they released this brand, I was looking forward to trying out atleast one of their products and the time has finally come.

Vitamin C is something I consider very essential. I see to it that I take Vitamin C everyday for a boost of immunity and for a healthier body. This reminded me that my skin also deserves the same type of care. I have sensitive skin so I’m quite wary of the things I put on my face, especially new products as I have been using the same products for years now. I used to have a vitamin c serum included in my nighttime skincare routine years ago but somehow stopped due to some reasons. With hyperpigmentation appearing on my skin due to the changes in the weather and having acne scars from all the maskne I have had, I was urged to start using a vitamin c serum once again. Just to be extra careful and to avoid any reactions to my overly sensitive skin, I added 2 drops of the C’s The Day Serum to my moisturizer for my nighttime skincare routine for 2 weeks then eventually braved to apply 2 drops directly to my face, right before my moisturizer as I didn’t have any bad reactions. Initial thoughts? I was never a fan of the scent vitamin c serums have and this one has that too, though thankfully, it isn’t too strong. In contrary, I loved how this isn’t sticky at all unlike any other vitamin c serums. This was one reason that convinced me to continue using this. After a month’s use, I can actually notice the lightening of my acne scars and hyperpigmentation. My sister did compliment my skin not looking dull as well which she rarely does, so I guess I owe that to this serum. I will surely continue using this serum and definitely recommending it!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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