Lip Talk: Lippies Perfect for Spring (2021)

Lippies I’m loving for Spring this year!

My favourite season is here and things are looking brighter which makes me extra hopeful. 

Here is the first entry of a new year of quarterly lippies feature. Have I told you that this is definitely one of my favourite series in my litte diary? Yes, and making it a permanent one was a unanimous decision to show my love for different lip products.

For my lip products, I tend to lean on those with creamy and satin finishes but thanks to this series, I have experimented more and have started to really like those with velvet and matte finishes. My lips though tend to dry up so easily, and even worse, chaps up really bad, so for this year, I have decided to add a lip balm to my quarterly features.

Here are the lippies I love for Spring 2021:

Clio Mad Matte Stain Lip

The Clio Mad Matte Stain Lip is a lightweight matte lipstick that gives off a petal-soft finish leaving the lips smooth and hydrated even after hours of wear.

This lipstick has elastomer gel that fills up the fine lines of the lips, providing long lasting colour and a silky smooth finish. The first time I applied it, I was quite surprised as to how soft it glided unto my lips. As it promises, it does provide a really smooth finish and it is buildable without drying your lips out.

This is available in 15 shades and I got #11 Petal Peach (to no surprise, lol!). This is a peach nude shade which is very subtle, just perfect for a daily Spring look. The pigmentation impresses me and this usually lasts up to 8 hours without retouch which is very commendable. I can totally see myself wearing this for the whole of Spring!

Moonshot Reve de Paris Stick Extreme Pro

The Moonshot Reve de Paris Stick Extreme Pro is a velvety smooth lipstick that provides HD colour pigment. This was inspired by the City of Love, Paris.

This lipstick was especially made for fall/winter but I thought this was just perfect for when transitioning to Spring too. This has a velvety texture that dries up to a semi matte finish adhering to the lips perfectly and lightly. With its name, I’d be wary for it to be too drying but actually, it wasn’t at all. It is soft when applied and very pigmented too.

This is available in 6 flattering shades and I got #601 Seine, as the Seine River. It’s a nude mlbb shade that I would confidently wear all throughout the year, even when it’s made for fall/winter. This lasts 6-8 hours without retouch on me. This is something I would wear as base over another colour which tells me I’ll be picking this up really often. This comes in a smaller packaging, but still with adequate product inside, which is perfect for me as I love bringing small bags. Also, this didn’t dry out my lips, which is something very important to note!

Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm

My lip balm of choice for the Spring, the Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm!

This lip balm is really hydrating with just a light tint. It gives that light glow your lips need that you can totally wear it on its own or under your favourite lip products. This is available in 7 shades and 3 glow finishes. I have 001 Pink which is a sheer pink with the iconic glow. The shine is just subtle but still really comfortably hydrating on the lips. I’m in love with this balm!

For the Spring, my choice lip look is the Moonshot Reve de Paris in Seine as base, the Clio Mad Matte in Petal Peach over it for that perfect Spring gradient lips effect and the Dior Lip Glow in Pink underneath it all for a guaranteed hydrated lips. I’m in love with the look!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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