The Truth About Happiness: Moving Onward (Life Goes On)

Feeling stuck? In a slump? How to move onward?

2021 has started but things have been tougher than they were. A lot of us are feeling stuck and discouraged. It’s supposed to be another beginning but things aren’t really happening how we would like them to be.

I thought it would be great as a first entry for this year, apart from the welcoming the year, to share some encouragement and a bit of inspiration on reminders about moving onward.

So, how to move onward?

  • Take A Step Back

I just said not to go backwards but taking a step back doesn’t mean going back to the past. It’s just seeing things in a different point of view. This usually helps me a lot. Do you trace back your footsteps when on the way to finding something because you forgot what it was? I’m certainly guilty of this. What I do is go through where I just passed, not totally back to the starting point, then I just suddenly remember what I forgot or what was lost. Why were we feeling stuck? We acknowledge the possible reasons for it. Have we made the wrong choices and decisions? Let’s accept that we’re not perfect. But let’s not live in the past. Focus on the future and move onward.

  • Leave Out Negativity

Negativity and pessimism are a huge drawback to moving onward. Let go of what limits you but try not to rule things out immediately. There are those that have greatly helped you too, utilize these even more so that you be more careful and avoid making the same mistakes. Look at the positives in the present. These would definitely motivate you in taking those steps onward. Spend time with the right people yet don’t surrender control to other people. Take advice but don’t let them control you. Negativity only gives you self-doubt, resist it at all costs. Have some self-compassion too, appreciate yourself and your hardwork, every step of the way.

  • Live in Gratitude

Live a simple life and cherish every single thing. When we live our lives in gratitude, we see the good things in every little thing. We stay humble and avoid being proud. We give without thinking of receiving. These are factors that would strengthen us and keep our feet on the ground in making our decisions to whatever is best to take steps ahead.

  • Reach Out for Help

There are times that are just too difficult for us. And so, don’t be scared to ask for help. If you know who the right people are (those who are reliable to talk to) then you will know who to ask help from, and those who will definitely help you through thick or thin. When things aren’t working our way, there are options to reach the same (or maybe for the better) another solution. Be flexible. Be kind all the time. These will help you go a long way. Stop expecting things to come easy, they are not. These may be because these will make you a better person.

  • Take action!

Quit running away! Take your first few steps forward. Drop the excuses and believe in yourself. Do what you love, for you to stay inspired. Do you still worry about making the wrong choice but still have to do it? Remember, these are not forever. You will eventually have the chance to reverse it. Only few choices are irreversible. When everything works out, try to help out. You’re not the only one going through a hard time. But if all else fails, be patient. Stay hopeful and keep the faith!

Life goes on. Life wouldn’t stop, nor would it run backwards or rewind. When you know how to move onward, then you are on your way to finding genuine happiness. Be brave!

I hope this entry somehow encourages you. I’d also like to keep going with motivational posts like my ‘The Truth About Happiness’ series as writing these inspire me as well. Please do look forward to it!

Hoping you gain energy and inspiration from my posts and every little blessing around you! Keep safe! Stay healthy!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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