Here it is, 2021!

So here it is, hello 2021!

2021, the year everyone looked forward to the most. I don’t think there was yet, any other time, that most of us looked forward for a year to start, but this year. 2020 was crazy, too crazy for most of us. Yet, we learned a lot of lessons last year that we will surely bring throughout a lifetime.

  • We learned the gift of now. We learned the importance of the present and make the most of it.

  • We found joy in the simple things in life. Happiness is simple and doesn’t come from extravagant things.

  • We realized who truly are there for us no matter what happens. We don’t need to know a million people to be cherished, just little bubble who knows our worth.

  • We understood what are the most important. May they be good health, safety and, security of us and our loved ones.

  • We learned to never take things for granted.


These and a lot more you can add on. Let’s hold on to these lessons and to the meaningful memories we have learned throughout the previous year.

Do I have goals for 2021?

I’m not the type to write up resolutions as these may tend to change in the middle of the year, situation depending. As the years passed, I have learned again and again that good things come along the way, together with challenges that will make you a better individual. So just keep doing what you do best, stay grounded, be kind, keep being positive (and yet negative when it comes to COVID) and hold on to that faith.

Also, a heartfelt thank you to those who started the year with me through this short entry and to those who have been reading my little diary since the beginning. I am truly grateful to have you.

It is my wish for all of us to have a safer, healthier and, happier 2021! Stay focused!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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