End of the Year (2020) Favourites, and Saying Bye 2020?

My favourite things for the second half of 2020! Bidding goodbye to 2020?

2020 definitely felt like going on a rollercoaster and we’re now at the end of the year. This year felt so long but so short at the same time. It has been crazy! Too crazy actually. Always wishing for everyone to stay healthy and safe.

My biannual list of favourites has been one of the entries I enjoyed doing. So for the last entry on this little diary this year, I have featured my favourites for the second half of the year. Here they are!

Beauty (Makeup)

  • Hera UV Mist Cushion

I haven’t been using any base makeup for most days this year as we need to wear masks when outside, but when needed, I always use the Hera UV Mist Cushion. This cushion is lightweight but has moderate and buildable coverage. Plus, even when I wear a mask on top of this, I didn’t break out.

  • 3CE Velvet Tint in Pink Break

I featured this in my entry about lippies perfect for the winter as this may have soft velvet finish, but it doesn’t dry your lips out. This is also why I have always loved this lippie for years now.

  • Etude House Glass Rouge in Hazy Rose (PK001)

This is a glossy tint that has 25% moisture content and that is enough reason for me to love this. The shade too is the perfect everyday pink!

  • Rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint in Figfig (#06)

Another perfect everyday pink shade! Yes, this is another glossy tint too! I have been giving so much love for this tint, especially during the summer time as it isn’t sticky even during the hot summer days and it’s also nice for winter as it is moisturizing.

  • Moonshot Tintfit Blur in Hush Copper (503)

When it comes to makeup, I usually prefer gradient lips and this tint is just perfect for the job. The colour payoff from this tint is so beautiful. This is a blur tint so this has a butter cream texture which is great for those who can’t commit to matte lippies due to having dry lips.

  • Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment

The saviour to my dry lips during the colder season! Even when I’m just at home, I always grab and apply this on my dry lips and my lips gets instantly moisturized.

  • Nars Afterglow Lip Balm

Ever since I got this, this has been my go-to lippie, most especially when I’m at work. This is a tinted lip balm so it’s enough to put some colour on my lips while keeping my lips moisturized under that mask. I’m actually already running out and I’m of course planning to get another one!

  • Revlon x Blanc & Eclare Lipsticks

The Revlon x Blanc & Eclare Super Lustrous Lippies are Revlon’s holiday collaboration with Jessica Jung and Blanc & Eclare. I have 2 shades, the bestseller, Rosewine which has a creamy texture and an mlbb shade, and the new release, especially made by Jessica, Coral Eclare which is a lustrous matte with a vibrant coral shade. I’m in love with both lippies and they’re both very affordable too!

Beauty (Skincare)

  • Neogen Dermalogy Probiotics Relief Toning Pad

The Neogen Dermalogy Probiotics line have helped me so much during this time when we have to wear masks most of the time, making my sensitive skin very prone to acne which is why I’m featuring a few products from the line. The first one is the toning pads. I love using toning pads as this doesn’t only tone your face but also great for daily gentle exfoliation. Each pad from this bottle is super soaked and very rich in product. Also, this comes with its own tweezer which I think is very hygienic.

  • Neogen Dermalogy Probiotics Youth Repair Mist

The Youth Repair Mist has been a bestfriend when my skin needed a pick me up as it is very hydrating!

  • Neogen Dermalogy Probiotics Double Action Serum

The Double Action Serum is definitely the mvp among all the products from this line. You get two products in one bottle with this one. One phase of this product helps boost skin elasticity and moisture while the other phase aids in hydration. If I were to only choose one product from this line then it would be this serum!

  • Neogen Dermalogy Probiotics Youth Repair Emulsion

The Youth Repair Emulsion is my second favorite from this line. This is usually applied before any cream or moisturizer but sometimes, I don’t think I’d need to seal it with a moisturizer as this is already doing the job. Also, this promotes anti-aging and has anti wrinkle properties.

  • Neogen Dermalogy Probiotics Relief Cream

The Relief Cream was also a hero for me especially during the summer months as it does give my skin so much relief and hydration without giving that tacky feeling.

  • The Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum

I have reviewed all 3 serums from The Beauty of Joseon and this one’s grown a lot on me that it has become a favourite! Also, I’m almost finished with my second bottle. As per its name, Glow, you can totally see the brightening effects this serum gives in a week’s time of usage of this serum.

  • The Beauty of Joseon Calming Serum

The Calming Serum is an instant favourite among the 3 serums from The Beauty of Joseon. I use this both day and night as this has a watery, lightweight and refreshing texture. This also helps in soothing the skin and even gives a brightening effect.

  • COSRX Full Fit Propolis Nourishing Magnet Sheet Mask

I love my sheet masks so I must include some here. This one’s very hydrating and moisturizing which is why I’ve been using these everytime my skin needs a boost.

  • COSRX Cica Calming True Sheet Mask

This sheet mask is definitely well loved too as when my skin starts acting up, I just put this on and it massively helps soothe my skin.

  • Somebymi Truecica Mineral 100 Calming Suncream

Another soothing product that I fell in love with. I tend to be picky with my sunscreens as most give off a sticky feeling and leaves off a white cast but this doesn’t give any of that.


Body/Hair Care

  • Ouai x Byredo Dry Shampoo

My favourite dry shampoo this year! Byredo is a fragrance brand I totally love and when I learned that they have collaborated with Ouai for this dry shampoo, I worked hard to grab one of these. They were initially sold out but they had restocked which helped me get one for myself. This dry shampoo is just good for when you need to style your hair. The scent is Mojave Ghost, one of my favourite scents from the brand, so expect your hair to smell amazing. How I wish I have stocked up more on these!

  • Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder Nourishing Dry Shampoo

Another dry shampoo that I love! It’s a dry shampoo but it doesn’t feel drying on the scalp (if you know what I mean. LOL!).

  • Living Proof Restore Shampoo

As we are in the colder months, my hair has been really dull and dry plus I got my hair dyed too which didn’t help but thanks to this shampoo it has helped replenish my scalp and hair. 

  • Living Proof Restore Conditioner

Same to the shampoo, this conditioner has totally helped restore my hair, making it look healthy and shiny. Everytime, after using this conditioner, my hair just feels so soft.

  • Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

During the summer months, I used to love having soft curls and this surf spray helped achieve that look.

  • Byredo Rose Handwash

With everything that’s going on now, washing your hands is very important but this handwash just made that extra fun as this smells so good! Definitely, my favourite handwash!

  • Necessaire The Body Wash in Eucalyptus

Necessaire is a personal care brand known for their guilt-free products. Knowing that, I’ve been wanting to try some of their products. I have given in and bought their body wash and chose eucalyptus as scent of choice. Yes, it’s quite in the pricier side but it gives off all the benefits your skin needs. So worth it! I’m in love!

  • Necessaire The Body Serum

This came in for free with the purchases I got from the brand but I ended up loving it. I realized this was what I needed during this drying winter season. It has totally helped in hydrating my skin without being too thick like creams and body butters.

  • Byredo Blanche Hand Cream

I have already featured this hand cream in my mid-year favourites but so far, this will always be my favourite hand cream. Also, since it came with a limited edition packaging, I have listed this again here too.

  • Byredo Blanche Eau de Parfum

The only perfume I’ve been grabbing. My go-to scent whole year round!



  • The Flower Season White Cropped Top

This has been my most used fashion piece for the summer. I’ve been really into white this year and this top is just so pretty and it goes with any outfit!

  • Ganni Pink Shirt

2020 has been crazy and rough so when I saw this shirt, I thought wouldn’t it be nice to just silently spread some good vibes with its message? Plus, it’s in pink! Too cute!

  • Ireneisgood White You Good Shirt

I’m no t-shirt girl but this shirt is just so cute! The message is really simple but definitely striking. You good? I’m good!

  • Nike Air Force 1 Shadow

This pair is actually a gift I gave myself for my birthday. I’ve been planning to get a pair of Air Force 1’s but had been hesitant. Yet, when I saw the colourway this has, I thought, this was it! It’s really cute!

  • Marks and Spencer Lace Up Boots

White or cream coloured boots have been the trend lately but I thought I wouldn’t give in to it as I knew I wouldn’t be going out so much but when I saw these online, I thought it was too cute to say no to!

  • ZhZh Pink Pajamas

Loungewear has been the trend this year as we’re mostly at home so I have got myself a few cute loungewears and pajamas. This pair from ZhZh x OCXO is a pair I fell in love with. It is very comfy too!

  • BTS Pink Pajamas

Well, if it’s BTS related and it’s pink, I’ll always say yes! These pajamas are just what I needed! Love them!

  • Joan Kim x Soft Seoul Rose of Sharon Pajamas

I have already eyed on this when Joan Kim, one of my favourite influencers, released her pajama line with Soft Seoul, yet found it a tad bit expensive. Luckily, I won the giveaway and got these!

  • Michael Kors Card Holder

As I have opted to go cashless because it’s the safest with the current situation we have, this has been my bestfriend! It fits most of my cards and IDs too!

  • Noonoo Fingers Earrings

You will barely see me wear accessories except for a watch but if I do, they’ll be a pair of cute earrings and when I saw these online, it was love! 



  • Santa Maria Novella Angels of Florence Candle

I love the vision Santa Maria Novella has as a brand and the Angels of Florence is one scent I fell in love with among all the fragrances they have, so I got this candle. It totally reminded me of my last trip to Florence, making me dream of traveling back to that gorgeous city again when it’s possible!

  • Dumbmate Handmade Candles

These handmade candles I got from a pop up are just too cute that I never even lighted them as I use them as ornaments on my desk. They smell nice too even without lighting them up.

  • Diptyque Mimosa Room Spray

Mimosa is my favourite Diptyque scent and having my room to smell like it is heavenly, thanks to this room spray. It helps me go to dreamland easier too.

  • Kobayashi Deodorizer

I love my room smelling nice and what more my own bathroom so thanks to this deodorizer, I can guarantee that my bathroom smells like roses all the time.


  • BTS The Notes 2

BTS The Notes 2 is part 2 of BTS The Notes that I surely enjoyed reading. Enjoyed and intrigued connecting the story to previous BTS’ songs, thanks to the theories ARMYs have made.

  • Shine by Jessica Jung

I really enjoyed reading this novel by Jessica Jung, my favourite style icon. There are so much encouraging lessons to learn from this. Such a good Teen/YA novel!

  • September Love by Lang Leav

I’ve been a fan of Lang Leav since her Anthology of Love so when I saw her post about this book, it made me want to read it. Truly, this was such a lovely read!


Music Albums / Songs

  • BTS Map of the Soul 7: The Journey

BTS released this Japanese album middle of this year and all the songs are just so good. Stay Gold and Your Eyes Tell are gold!

  • TWICE Eyes Wide Open

TWICE’s Eyes Wide Open album is a must listen album! Literally all the songs are amazing, from I Can’t Stop Me to every b-side this album has. This has been on replay for a whole month after this was released.

  • BTS BE

BTS’s billboard topping album, BE. Up to now, this has been on repeat as every song is a must listen, a must save. The boys of BTS was really hands on to make this album, making it exra special. But before the release of this album, Dynamite was first released, yes, the hit topper track everyone loves because it cheered everyone up. From Dynamite to the whole album, BE, you will definitely love!

  • TWICE Cry for Me

Cry For Me was only released after TWICE’s must see performance at MAMA 2020 but I was just thankful it was actually released as it is so good!

  • BTS Soundcloud Songs

I love BTS, there is no doubt about that and this year, they have released a lot of awesome songs on Soundcloud like Still With You, Abyss, Christmas Love and Snow Flower. All of these are just incredible songs!


  • BTS Bangbangcon

Bangbangcon is BTS’ first online fanmeeting and concert which I enjoyed a lot even when I only get to see the boys online through a monitor. How I wish everything gets better and I can watch them perform live again. Bangbangcon was quite the experience for all ARMYs.

  • TWICE World in a Day

TWICE World in a Day is also TWICE’s online concert. I have been wanting to see TWICE in concert so it makes me sad that for now, I can only watch live concerts online but hopefully, soon, I will be able to see the girls. Nevertheless, the online concert was really good and as expected from TWICE, they always deliver the best stages.

  • BTS Map of the Soul On:e Concert

BTS were supposed to be on tour for their Map of the Soul concert series but due to the reason we all know, it was only possible to do it online. This made me miss the boys so much. I’d do anything to see them again on concert when everything gets better. Anyway, this was definitely concert of the year experience even when its only online.


  • It’s Ok Not to be Ok

This drama tackles a lot of issues, is quite dark but is so good. You will learn a lot of lessons while watching it. I would say this would be the best drama I have seen this year!

  • More Than Friends

A very promising drama series I enjoyed watching! I looked forward to watching each episode from this drama and it never did disappoint.

  • Start Up

This drama delivered! It’s a must watch!

Trips/ Travel

  • North Devon Trip

During the summer, after the first lockdown, I was able to travel to North Devon with my friends for 2 days and I enjoyed all the beautiful sceneries there. I’ll definitely go back when it’s allowed!

  • Cambridge

It was early autumn this year when I was able to spend a day in Cambridge with my friends. That one day was truly memorable, most especially when you’re with amazing company! Cambridge was gorgeous too!

  • Shangri-la The Shard stay

Just before the second lockdown, I got to spend a night at Shangri-la The Shard with my constants. The staycation was such an unforgettable experience!

2020 has been extremely tough. It was a whirlwind of emotions for most of us, a lot of lives even changed this year. This is why I would understand why majority of us can’t wait for the year to end. But do we know what the future holds? Totally not! Would things change after the new year? Also, not. But still, we hope for the better, and it’s good that we still have that little faith in us. We hold on to the learnings we earned this year and may this be a life lesson for everyone.

As much as I’d like to say goodbye to 2020, let’s hold on to the lessons and meaningful memories we have learned throughout the year, and keep it as a blueprint or a map to guide us through 2021 and onwards, with the awareness that each and everyone of us will be the ray of light that will help us persist through any troubling time. May we bravely fight our way through the challenges through kindness and whatever amount of cheer within us that we need to protect and fuel for the sake of the planet. Wishing and praying for a better 2021 to all. Onwards!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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