Lip Talk: Lippies Perfect for Winter (2020)

Lippies perfect for Winter that surely won’t dry out your lips!

It’s officially winter tomorrow! Here is the last entry to my seasonal/quarterly lippie recommendations for this year!

Winter and the colder season are always a struggle for me when it comes to skin problems, these includes my lips. I always have issues with dry, chapped lips during the season which is why I most of the time use hydrating lippies, and sometimes skip the tint/stick and just stick to tinted balms. So for this post, I specifically wanted to recommend lippies that won’t dry out your lips, featuring kbeauty brands I have always trusted and 2 different finishes to meet everyone’s preferences.

Here are 2 Lippies Perfect for Winter for me:

Etude House Glass Rouge Tint

The Etude House Glass Rouge Tint is a glossy lip tint that glides across your lips leaving a lustrous glassy glow.

This glass rouge tint fills the lips smoothly in a thin transparent layer, creating glossy lips, shining from every angles. This has 25% moisture content and contains shine essence oil complex. This also promises a clear and long-lasting colour.

Etude House is one of the first kbeauty brands that I have loved and when it comes to lippie formulation, you can definitely trust the brand. The Etude House Glass Rouge Tint line is one of the brand’s latest releases this year. Acknowledging it’s promise of 25% moisture content and having tried it myself, I thought this is definitely a must have for the Winter season!

This lip tint gives off a glossy finish, and comes in a plastic tube with screw closure and a doe foot applicator attached. As per experience, it lasts for atleast 6-8 hours without eating and drinking. Though this tends to transfer, it leaves a stain on your lips, making it look like you still have it on. This comes in 8 shades and I got the shade Hazy Rose (PK001) which is the perfect everyday mauve pink. The colour payoff was brighter than I thought but was really lightweight. You can even wear this without any lip balm which is a total plus for me! As expected from Etude House, this tint is very affordable, this retails for 12 USD (9 GBP). I can already see myself giving this tint a lot of love this Winter!

3CE Stylenanda Velvet Lip Tint

The 3CE Stylenanda Velvet Lip Tint is a lip tint with a sleek, velvety finish.

The 3CE Stylenanda Velvet Lip Tint promises to give off a soft matte, velvety formula without drying out your lips. This tint uses an oil-infused formula to deliver vivid colours and velvety matte texture. This encases the lips with a layer of oil, allowing the pigment to spread evenly for soft, plump lips.

3CE is another kbeauty brand that I adore for the rich formulation their products have, most especially their lip products. I have used the velvet lip tint for years now. Yes, it’s not new to the market but I have given so much love to these that I have finished multiple tubes of it already. This seems to be the only velvet tint that my lips would agree with, no matter what the season is!

3CE’s velvet lip tint gives off a soft matte finish to your lips but is definitely not drying at all! It is very lightweight that you can layer it and is very buildable. You may not use a lip balm with it on as it won’t dry the lips, but for really cold winter days, I still do it for assurance that my already dry lips wouldn’t chap off. This comes in a plastic tube with a doe foot applicator. This is available in now 15 shades and my favourite is the shade Pink Break, another natural pink with a cool undertone. You can get this for 13 USD (10 GBP) but the quality is like of high end and luxury beauty brands. For those who love matte and velvet textures for the season or even for everyday use, then this lippie is a must have!

These lip tints are not only great for Winter but all year round!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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