Beauty of Joseon Serum Trio

A review on the much raved serum trio from Beauty of Joseon plus ways on how to get the most from your serum!

Serum is the skincare step most people skip but is one of the most important steps one shouldn’t ever forget. It is the step you do after toning but before moisturizing. Serums are composed of very concentrated, active ingredients that can penetrate to your skin the most. Serums target all your skin woes depending on your skin needs and the products you use.

This is one step I’m very religious with that I have a serum/ampoule/essence step for both my daytime and nighttime skincare regime. In the summer, I may skip my moisturizer but I never do with my serum as it can act as a moisturizer as well. Regulary, I have 2-3 serum steps for the night (1-2 in the day). But for the colder months, especially the winter months, I have 3-4 serum steps.

With this, I am currently trying out different serums/ampoules that can help me with my skin problems. I may already have my holy grail serums/ampoules/essences but this isn’t stopping me from trying out new ones. Earlier this year, I have discovered the Beauty of Joseon serum trio, the Glow Serum, the Repair serum and the Calming serum.

Beauty of Joseon is a skincare brand inspired by the beauty of the people from the Joseon Dynasty. It is brand that has reinterpreted the unchanging beauty and the traditional methods from nature within a modern way according to the Joseon women.

Beauty of Joseon focuses on combining the Hanbang, another term for traditional herbs, with modern ingredients. Knowing this, I was most intrigued of these serum and these were much raved too. Hence, I gave them a try. Now, I have topped up all three serums after finishing a bottle of each.

(Note: I have sensitive, combination skin which is why I’m usually careful with the products I try and usually finish a bottle or sometimes half way before writing a review.)

The Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum

The Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum is a honey-like serum enriched with 60% Propolis extract + 2% Niacinamide as main ingredients that helps fight against acne and reducing pores. Propolis is known as a great ingredient against acne and skin brightening, plus niacinamide, the brightening effects of this serum is promising!

The Glow Serum, from its name alone, is very promising. As you apply this in your serum step after toning, you’ll usually just need 1-2 drops. It has a water to gel-like texture but still moisturizing and soothing at the same time. This has the thickest formulation among the three but is really easy to apply. After using a bottle of this, this has totally grown on me that I have come to love it. The promised brightening effects were evident after a week of continued use. It has soothed my sensitive skin too. I have incorporated this both in my daytime and nighttime skincare routine.

The Beauty of Joseon Repair Serum

The Beauty of Joseon Repair Serum is a lightweight brown but nourishing serum helpful against aging and pigmentation with 63.36% of Ginseng water root & 3% snail mucin. Ginseng is great for anti-wrinkle and pigmentation while, snail mucin is a key ingredient for repairing scars and improving skin elasticity.

The Repair Serum was the one I looked forward to the most among the three as I love snail mucin in the products I use. Upon application, I have noticed it to be a bit watery than expected. I thought it would be a bit thicker than it is yet, it’s still fine as it only has 3% of snail mucin. The texture helps with layering as well. I have made this the first serum to apply for my nighttime skincare routine with atleast 2-3 drops. It took a while for me to finish this, this was the last bottle I finished actually as this was the only serum that I use only at night. After a bottle of use, I found this really helpful in fading redness, fine lines and acne scars to some point. It is also moisturizing.

The Beauty of Joseon Calming Serum

The Beauty of Joseon Calming Serum is a green-tinted serum boosted with naturally-derived calming and moisturizng ingredients. It is made with 76.49% of Green tea leaf water and 2% Panthenol. Green tea is known for soothing and anti-wrinkle. With large amounts of Vitamin C in Green Tea, it greatly aids in skin brightening.

The Calming Serum has become an instant favourite! This has a watery texture which is very lightweight and really refreshing too. I have applied this in both my daytime and nighttime skincare regimen, with 2 drops in the day and 3-4 drops at night. This was very loved, most especially in the summer when I started trying out all three serums. This will also be useful in the colder months, knowing that it will be light enough to be layered with other serums/ampoules. This was the first one I emptied. The soothing effects were very noticeable. Especially today that my skin has become extra sensitive as we need to wear masks more daily, this has become a hero to my skin.

Apart from the 2 key ingredients of each serum, there are also notable ingredients these have. All three doesn’t have any fragrance/scents at all. Each serum bottles costs around 17 USD (12 GBP) or about 45 USD (40GBP) for all 3. All comes in a glass-like bottle with a dropper cover with 30ml of product, making it travel-friendly. These serums are very affordable but does wonders with such price. These are a must try and a total recommendation!

Here are 3 ways on how I usually maximize the use of serums:

1. Use this for your DIY masks/treatment. I love sheet masks but you can use your serums if you want your own masks as well. All you need is a clean cotton pad soaked in your serum of choice and placed as a mask on certain parts of your face for atleast 10 minutes. I started using this when I ran out of sheet masks but found it extra helpful as I have combination skin and there are certain parts of my face that needs extra boost.

2. Glow with your base makeup. Mix a few drops with your usual foundation to have that much needed glow for your daily makeup. For those who are not into foundation like me as I stopped using them for regular use, I mix this with my sunscreen.

3. Watch your skin glow from within. With a few drops of your serum, add these to your regular body lotion/cream and for sure your skin will glow on its own.

Hope these helps apart from the usual way of applying your serums!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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