Lip Talk: My Most Loved Lip Balms

The lip balms you’ll need for the colder seasons!

The colder seasons have definitely arrived and I’ll be honest with you, I’m not really a fan of it. Why? I develop a lot of dermatological problems during these times.

One special target of these problems are my lips. I tend to get dry and cracked lips during these seasons. We may have to wear masks most of the time now but these doesn’t spare our lips from getting all dry and cracked. It isn’t even that cold yet but my lips have already started to really dry up. So I have decided to share my solution to this problem.

Here are my Most Loved & Trusted Lip Balms:

No- Fail Remedies:

I have 2 no-fail remedies for this problem.

1. Vaseline 100% Petroleum Jelly

It shouldn’t be a surprise to have this here. This is the OG and a holy grail to everyone. This is a skin protectant and a dermatologist recommended product. This doesn’t only work on the lips but on the skin as well. I usually put this on my lips on extra cold days and before going to sleep during the Winter. This does miracles to your lips and is definitely a must have!

2. Lucas Papaw Ointment

This is a topical ointment usually used for cuts, rashes, minor burns and insect bites. But mostly for me, this is like a sleeping lip mask and I use this every night, during the colder seasons or not. This does such an amazing job on my chapped lips and is definitely a recommendation!

Must Haves:

These are my must have lip balms that I have given extra love and definitely trust!

1. Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment

As I have said again and again, I always make sure to put on some lip balm before I put any lip product on my lips no matter what the finish of these products are (except only when I’m reviewing certain lip products). I have started using this lip treatment by the end of summer and has been my go-to lip balm before applying different products. This replenishes your lips and hydrates it most of the time but I still make sure to reapply it throughout the day before retouching my lippie of choice. This also helps for better adherence of any lipstick or tint. This for me is a must have!

2. Nars Afterglow Lip Balm

I love me with a good lippie on but there are just days that I don’t put anything on but just a lip balm. On those days, I’d pick up the Nars Afterglow Lip Balm. I have featured this on my mid-year favourites and will definitely be on my end of the year too. This is always in my work bag as I usually put this on at work and when I’m running errands. This is a tinted lip balm and if I’m not mistaken, this comes in 8 shades, I got mine in Orgasm, so you don’t need to worry if you’re like me who usually has pale lips. This has anti oxidants too that helps nourish and protect your lips. This has received so much love from me that I’m almost finished with this and would totally get another one!

These products have worked wonders on me. Do you also suffer from dry and chapped lips during the colder season? What do you usually do to solve this problem?

Hope you all are safe and healthy!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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