Café Series 09: Busi

A cute café to check out when in London!

After a year, I’m finally back with a cute café recommendation! For my ninth entry on this series, I’m going to feature, Busi.

Busi is a coffee shop in the heart of Fitzrovia, London. It has just been recently opened 3 months ago. Busi means a person you love and the business is run by a couple who loves design and coffee.

Just from outside or whenever you’re just walking by, your attention will definitely be caught by this cute coffee shop. With its purple walls, it’s already calling for you to come by.

As you go in, you will be amazed by its intricate interior. Each corner was designed with utmost thought. Written on their counter screen, you can see their menu. You can also refer to the complete list which is on the counter top.

I was totally amazed with the modernized design this café has, mostly in purple, pink and gold. This has already found a spot in my heart (well, as you all know, I love me with a lot of pink!).

The high spot of the coffee shop is this two gold swings with the café’s name written in gold at the back. This would surely be the most photographed spot in the whole place. Instagrammable, you say? Definitely!

I too made sure I got photos of myself here! You can see how I’m enjoying it!

Did I already say that each corner needs to be photographed? I personally like this spot where the full length mirror is. This would welcome you coming to and from the washroom. Perfect place to check yourself out!

I can totally see a lot of beautiful things around this café!

Now for the food, my friend and I ordered two of their specialty coffee, Lavender Latte and Rose Latte which are both made with homemade lavender and rose syrup. I had a sip of both coffee and I really like them. The Lavender Latte is a bit stronger than the Rose Latte but you can definitely taste and smell the aroma of both flowers. I like my coffee strong but the Rose Latte is my favourite! We also got a Honey Cake on the side which was also really good. I’ll definitely have another one the next time I come back! Busi is definitely a must visit coffee shop when you’re at the West End!

It has been a year since I last featured a café recommendation on my café series. I actually wanted to visit more coffee shops this year but with the current situation, my plans got postponed. I totally miss discovering and visiting cute coffee shops, so here, I’m back with one! Hoping, I can continue this but still depending on how things go during this unprecedented time. Hope you still look forward to my next feature! Stay safe always!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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