UK Series: Cambridge

Spent a day strolling around the very beautiful university city of Cambridge.

Ever since I moved to the United Kingdom, Cambridge is one of the cities I’ve been wanting to visit. It has always been in my list of cities to travel to but just never got to until earlier this month. 

Before the weather gets really colder, I decided to finally visit the city, while still following the current social distancing rules at this time and, wearing masks indoors and on public transport. It isn’t that big as well and you can explore it in a day or two. It also came in handy for me that a friend knew the city so I had a tour guide with me.

Cambridge is a university city and the county town of Cambridgeshire. It is known for its university which is one of the best in the world. Its historic town centre is also very lovely and can only be travelled by foot, no vehicles allowed.

I arrived and met up with my friend at the Cambridge train station in the morning. I intended to arrive early to be able to maximize my time discovering this beautiful city.

We first visited Cambridge University Botanic Garden as it is closest to the station. It is a botanical garden associated with the university Department of Plant Sciences.

The garden is a very lovely place to be, most gardening enthusiasts would surely love it there, especially with the variety of trees, flowers and plants they have. I learned a lot about plants even with a short amount of time there.

It was already pre-fall when I visited it so blooming flowers weren’t in sight but you can see the beauty of how colours change when transitioning to autumn.

We also got to see Sir Isaac Newton’s Apple Tree which legend says, it was the culprit to how Newton discovered gravity when he was bonked on the head by a falling piece of fruit.

Walking around the streets of Cambridge really wowed me. The city is known for their waterways just like this little river along the streets.

As we got into midday, I got a bit hungry so we visited Fitzbillies. As they said, never leave Cambridge without paying Fitzbillies a visit. It is a known local baker and provisioner in the city.

I got a piece of their Chelsea bun and a few macarons too. I must say, the Chelsea bun was really good.

When we talk about revisiting history, it is but right to visit museums! The city is packed with great museums but we decided to visit just 2 for the day. The first one was The Fitzwilliam Museum.

The Fitzwilliam Museum is the art and antiquities museum of the University of Cambridge. It comprises one of the best collections of antiquities and modern art in Western Europe. It was massive and it’s just amazing being there.

Walking around Cambridge was really breathtaking. A movie could be shot in any corner there.

It somehow reminded me of being in Venice because of the numerous bridges we walked on. This was the Mathematical Bridge, the popular footbridge that connects 2 parts of Queen’s College.

Since we were in Cambridge, it is just right to visit the famous university itself and go inside one of their campuses. This was where the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology was situated but the museum was close when we visited so we just looked around the grounds.

The second museum we got to visit was the Museum of Classical Archaeology. The museum is one of the few surviving collections of plaster casts of ancient Greek and Roman sculpture in the world.

Having been interested in ancient Greek and Roman history, it was really fun to be there. I enjoyed it a lot!

To start our afternoon stroll, we went to look around the different colleges of the University of Cambridge, though just from the back, which is why it was called The Backs. It is a very picturesque area and definitely one of the best sights you can see aroud Cambridge.

Our little stroll ended up in the city centre where we could see Great St. Mary’s Church which is the university church for the University of Cambridge.

We took a little stop outside King’s College where we could clearly see the magnificent structure of King’s College Chapel. It was really majestic.

The highlight of the day! A trip to Cambridge is never complete when you haven’t gone punting around its rivers and see closely the different sights surrounding their rivers.

I must say it was a trip to remember. I know there are still a lot of things that I haven’t done and places I haven’t seen or visited which is why I always say, there will always be a reason to go back. Cambridge was just beautiful!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! ~H

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