UK Series: North Devon


The highlight of my summer 2020, spending a day in North Devon!

Being in lockdown for months wasn’t easy, I couldn’t blame everyone who wanted to get away for the summer. But with travelling abroad still risky, I and my friends have decided to just explore the country. Still following social distancing rules, and wearing masks when on public transport which is mandatory, it is already considered safe to travel within majority of the UK.

North Devon is a local district of Devon in the coastal area of southwest England. I have heard many stories about how beautiful it is there, so I and my friends decided to visit and explore the place. Also, we have a friend there which meant we can visit her and she’ll get to tour us around.

North Devon is known for its dramatic cliffs, wild seas and sandy beaches. It consists of more than 8 towns and villages. It is 173 miles away from London. We took the coach and it was more than a 6 hours long journey, roughly more than 5 hours if you take the train.



We stayed in Barnstaple. It is the main town in North Devon and is known to possibly be the oldest borough in the United Kingdom. We stayed 2 nights there to dedicate a whole day discovering different towns in North Devon. We arrived the night before and left by midday the day after the tour.

Lynton & Lynmouth


The first town we explored was Lynton. It is a small town in the Exmoor coast in Devon.


We walked to the Valley of Rocks which was really awesome.


We then trekked by the cliff and was in awe of how amazing the view is.


It took us around 15 to 20 minutes walk to get to Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway.


We hopped on the Cliff Railway to reach the harbour village of Lynmouth.


This was the view while going down the railway and it just took our breaths away.


Once we reached Lynmouth, I was amazed. It was so picturesque, even the photos you take can’t give the place justice.


We then again took the cliff railway back to Lynton to head to our next destination.



Ilfracombe is a seaside resort and civil parish with a small harbour, surrounded by cliffs. Above is Verity, a statue by Damien Hirst, referred to as a modern allegory of truth and justice. This stands on the pier, by the entrance to the harbour in Ilfracombe.


We spent the rest of the day there in Ilfracombe. There were so much to do and you’ll surely enjoy just by walking around the harbour.


We also tried different flavoured fudge, most especially the clotted cream fudge which is the major delicacy there.


We walked around the cliff side trail and was mesmerized with how beautiful the place is. We also stopped for a bit to appreciate the beach and the sound of the waves.


I would definitely love to go back or maybe, visit another district in Devon which I know will surely be lovely!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! ~H

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