The Truth About Happiness: Finding Enlightenment


Listed a few easy ways to be enlightened!

Being enlightened may mean different things to each one of us. Generally, it is the state of being at peace and content with one’s self. It is mostly referred to the greater awareness of the world.

Becoming enlightened is a process and is not an easy task, as you achieve this over time. I am not fully enlightened yet but I’m working my way there. As I go through my way there, I know I will eventually understand what real happiness is.



Here are 3 easy ways to be enlightened on a daily basis:


1. Easing your wants

Being content with one’s self and with what you have is the first step. Human beings, that we are, we tend to crave and always want more than what we already have. Yet, this will never bring you happiness as lacking control for our desires will not appease the hunger of our souls through our mortal needs.


2. Calmly facing your challenges

Facing our daily challenges in life isn’t an easy task and most of the time, we get pressured by different factors. However, calmly confronting these will always put us a couple steps ahead. Expanding our understanding with whatever situation we are in will help us make the better choices for our actions and will also prevent us from adding more problems and challenges to the ones we already have.


3. Finding peace and focus through connecting with nature and the universe

Being surrounded by nature never fails to make me reconnect with the world. Just like my recent visit to the lavender fields which has greatly helped me relax. This made me feel so much more enlightened. Nature and the universe have incredibly unique ways in making us realize the things we should be thinking about, in turn propelling our minds into a higher state of spiritual maturity and oneness with existence.



Do not feel defeated if you think this is such a high goal to achieve because the truth is, other than it being different for everyone, it is and always will be a part of the most important necessities of our human life as reflection is part of our unique abilities as human beings. Reflection and enlightenment are as vital as our need for oxygen and fuel to survive, accept it with enthusiasm and it will be as easy as appreciating the coldness of the wind around you.


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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