Neogen Dermalogy Probiotics Collection


Protect your skin with the new and very innovative Neogen Dermalogy Probiotics Collection!

With masks being mandatory, we comply, but our skin suffers and gets irritated. Having sensitive skin doesn’t help at all with all these mask-induced acne, or what we also call maskne. I have had troubles banishing maskne and as per my experience, this isn’t easy to do so.

Here are 5 things you can do to prevent maskne, if not prevent it:

1. Always cleanse your skin, not just any cleanse but double cleanse, at the end of the day.

2. Avoid wearing makeup underneath that mask to let your skin breathe.

3. Pimple patches are your bestfriends, if you’ve already got a budding zit coming up, prevent it from getting irritated even more by putting a pimple patch over it.

4. Moisturize and apply SPF everyday to prevent even more irritation.

5. Build and repair your skin’s barrier by using the right skincare products.

With the last tip said, I have discovered, tried and proved a very innovative skincare line that will not only build and repair your skin’s barrier but will also smoothen and keep your skin elastic, it is the Neogen Dermalogy Probiotics Collection!

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Neogen is one of the korean skincare brands I totally respect as they have had proven again and again that their products work. I have used a lot of their products and I can guarantee that they work. The innovation they develop with every skincare releases they come up will blow you away.

Probiotics is known to shield bad microorganisms from entering your body. This isn’t only good for your body but your skin as well. It is guaranteed that this will build, repair and even protect your skin’s barrier, leaving it smooth and elastic. Topical probiotics help heal your skin and find the balance your skin needs as well.

I have been using the Probiotics collection everyday/night for a week now and I must say I’m very impressed. I have already seen changes to my skin, like I have had minimal breakouts caused by wearing masks everyday which just means that my skin’s barrier has gotten better. Though there is a noticeable to almost faint sweet scent from the products which is very lovely, but still made me a bit skeptical as I sometimes react to skincare products with fragrances on them, but there were very minimal to no reactions I have noticed from my very sensitive skin. Also, these products absorb very quickly into the skin.


Here are the products included in the line:

The Probiotics Relief Toning Pad


First, the Relief Toning Pad. This is part of the Basic Line from this collection which provides relief to irritated skin. This is divided into two parts, the embossed side which you can use for daily mild exfoliation and the smooth side to smoothen your skin out.

I love how the packaging comes with a mini forceps you can pick the pads with which is very rare with other toning pads, this just makes it very hygienic. Each pad is also soaked in so much toner goodness which is also not something you can find in other skincare brands.


The Probiotics Double Action Serum


The Double Action Serum is the newest in this line and is also my favorite. This is divided into 2 phases, phase one is the probiotics serum which boosts skin elasticity and moisture, and phase two is the pro barrier action serum, which has propolis and collagen which aids in hydration.

I love this product because you can customize it with whichever serum your skin needs most. You can use only one side or both. It has the least fragrance in it too.


The Probiotics Youth Repair Emulsion


The Youth Repair Emulsion is part of the second line from this collection which is the Nutrition line which promotes anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties, even at an early age. An emulsion is a lightweight lotion you can apply before cream.

This is another favorite as this has centella asiatica which helps heal and fade acne scars while keeping your skin’s moisture, and with this product, it even promotes anti-aging. I usually put this on before sealing everything with a cream.


The Probiotics Youth Repair Mist


The Youth Repair Mist which has an oil in water formula, as you can see in the photo, the darkened red area is oil. You have to shake this to mix it before using it.

Where can you find a mist that doesn’t only hydrate your skin but also helps in anti-wrinkling? Only this! I really like how refreshed I feel after spraying this on my face, especially during a warm, summer day.


The Probiotics Relief Mask


The Relief Mask is a tencel sheet mask that adheres to the skin well, keeping your skin smooth and moisturized.

I usually wear sheet masks to perk my skin up with moisture and to hydrate it when it’s irritated. When I first used this, I could totally see why they named this the relief mask. It did give my skin the relief it needed. Plus this is tencel which is very smooth to the skin.



The Probiotics Youth Repair Cream


The Youth Repair Cream has the richest anti-aging formula in this whole collection. This has a gel-like texture. This is highly recommended to those who have dry skin but will definitely suit any skin type.

You can see how rich this cream is but not sticky at all. It is light and thick which I love in my night cream, yes, I’ve been using this cream as the final step in my nighttime skincare routine for a week now and I’m loving the effects it gives.


The Probiotics Relief Cream


The Relief Cream is a very lightweight cream. This has a watery texture which makes it perfect for the summer and to those who have oily skin but still guaranteed to be good on any skin type.

I really like this cream as I can use this both at daytime and at nighttime. This absorbs unto the skin really quickly for a cream. This looks like it has a gel-like texture but when applied, is very light on the skin. 


P.S. Neogen sent me the Probiotics Collection as I got this as a prize from a giveaway but this skincare line is just too good not to share. Can I also mention how pretty the packaging is? (Totally my aesthetic! LOL!) I’m totally recommending this line from Neogen!


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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