Fave Go-To Scents


Featuring 4 of my go-to scents plus 3 types of fragrance concentrations!

If it is not yet obvious with my biannual Favourites posts, I always feature different scents that I’m really into. I love my scents so I really like going into different fragrance shops or the fragrance section of a mall, then trying to smell different scents. As I kept doing this, I learned things that I never knew before, like there are different fragrance concentrations and how to identify different notes of a certain fragrance.

For this post, I decided to feature 4 of my go-to fragrances while learning about 3 types of fragrance concentrations (depending on its dilution), differentiating them from one another and knowing the different notes these have. (Notes are descriptors of scents that can be sensed upon the application of a fragrance.)


Here are my favourite go-to scents:

1.  Jo Malone London Silk Blossom


The Jo Malone London Silk Blossom is a love at first smell for me. This is a seasonal and limited release scent by Jo Malone. I discovered this Spring last year and I’m very happy that they released this again this year. I wish they would release it again next year. Anyway, this is the scent that my close friends identified as my scent as I wear this almost all the time. I love how soft and fresh it smells. This would always remind me of the blooming flowers during Spring. Whenever I wear this, I feel really girly and lovely.



Top Note: White Pepper; Heart Note: Silk Blossom; Base Note: Moss


Jo Malone London’s fragrances are mostly colognes. Cologne or Eau de Cologne has the weakest fragrance concentrations, with only consisting 2-5% aromatic compounds. This is why you will need to keep retouching such fragrances throughout the day.



2. Jo Malone London English Pear and Freesia


The English Pear and Freesia is a Jo Malone London classic. This is a very sophisticated, floral scent that I would always suggest if you’re confused which scent to get from the brand. This is also a perfect gift to anyone dear to you. With my past travels, I usually associate them with a certain Jo Malone London scent (yes, that’s how much I love the brand); I associate English Pear and Freesia with Paris because I feel really elegant whenever I wear this. Yes, I wear this everytime I visit Paris!



Top Note: King William Pear; Heart Note: Freesia; Base Note: Patchouli



3. Byredo Blanche


Byredo’s Blanche Eau de Parfum is actually a new addition to my favourite scents. I first got the hand lotion but just fell in love with the scent that I decided to get myself the perfume. This perfume was built around the maker’s perception of white. No wonder why this makes me feel so pure, clean and fresh.



Top Notes: Aldehyde, Pink Pepper, White Rose; Heart Notes: Neroli, Peony, Violet; Base Notes: Blonde Woods, Musk, Sandalwood


As seen, this is a eau de parfum. Eau de Parfum has 10-30% aromatic compounds so this is expected to last longer, if not the whole day, most of the day.



4. L’Atelier des Subtils VT x BTS Eau de Coton


To be honest, I got the L’Atelier des Subtils because this was created inspired by my favourite boy group and this Eau de Coton was especially made for my bias. Yet, as you can see, it is almost finished. I love it that much. It is very refreshing and sweet. It also has a soft, fruity scent but smells very clean, almost immaculate. For days when I just want to feel refreshed, for an impromptu day out or an ordinary errand day, I just apply this and this makes a lot of difference.



Top Notes: Blackcurrant, Bergamot, Apple, Melon; Heart Notes: Jasmine, Rose, Plum, Violet; Base Notes: Sandalwood, cedarwood, white musk.


The L’Atelier des Subtils VT x BTS fragrances belong to the third type, eau de toilette. Eau de Toilette has 5-20% aromatic compounds, making it stronger than a cologne but a bit weaker than a eau de parfum and even the perfume.



I am in love with all these 4 fragrances. As you can see, I tend to lean into the fresher, sweeter and more floral to light fruity scents. These 4 fragrances are the ones I would wear throughout the year. I totally recommend these scents too!

Have you got any go-to scents as well? Which of the fragrance concentrations do you prefer?


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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