Nars Aqua Glow Cushion Foundation


Meet the new way to glow with your base makeup!

Product Description: A water-enriched base makeup that promises to keep your skin fresh with the glow it gives, keeps the skin hydrated and protected with an SPF of 23.


Volume: This only comes in a 12g refill with a designated puff so I have purchased the online exclusive lovely red cushion case with it.

Color: This comes in Asian skin tone friendly range of shades. I got mine in Groenland (I am usually an NC25-30). 

Scent: There wasn’t much a scent when I opened it, even when I have swatched it which is a good thing.

Texture: This has a medium-high coverage, dewy and radiant finish, as the name says ‘glow’ (it stays true to its name but it’s not overly dewy).

Directions: With its puff or a sponge, pat lightly to gather some product then pat gently unto face for sheer to medium coverage. To build coverage, keep pressing unto face in a rolling motion.


Times Used: I have been trying to use this for almost 2 months now since I got it.

Skin Reaction: Nothing significant observed.

Effect Duration: This lasted me the whole day even on a warmer day, most likely 6-8 hours.

Price: I got the refill for 25 GBP (more or less 30 USD) plus the compact case for 10 GBP (12-15 USD).

Rating: 4/5


Ever since I heard reviews about this cushion foundation late last year, I have been wanting to try this out. I got this early this year but given the situation we’re in now, I didn’t really have the chance to test it out on a daily basis so it took me almost 2 months to review this product. It has been a while also since I reviewed a base makeup so I was excited to do this, plus knowing that I found a western version of my trustee hydrating base.

I am a fan of the dewy look so a hydrating base with a radiant finish is a must for me. I was pretty impressed with this as it says it only offers sheer to medium coverage when on my first swatch the coverage was already giving me medium to full coverage. This is very buildable too as you can see below, I swatched a trusted eyeliner and lip tint on the back of my palm and tried to cover it with this foundation. With the first layer, the swatch was still obvious but with the second layer, you can barely see it already.


This is also not drying at all but very hydrating and moisturizing. It also has SPF 23 which may not be really enough but still, any base with SPF is already something to consider. Even when worn the whole day, it didn’t cake with a couple of layers applied. It doesn’t settle on fine lines and it is lightweight. What went off for me was the shade, it was different when I swatched it in store than when I actually got the product. But nevertheless, I thought it would just be in time to be using this as the warmer weather has arrived and it will be sunny in the coming days. Plus, 12g of product for 25 GBP is quite expensive as well, especially when you only get a refill for this. Anyhow, I really liked the NARS Aqua Glow Cushion and I’m pretty excited to be using it even more.


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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