How to be Productive at Home


Listed 5 things you can do to be productive at home!

Knowing the current situation all of us are in right now, we are asked to stay at home for our safety. With the lock down extended and having to be in our households most of the time, many of us are already bored.

I am naturally a homebody and most of my days off are spent just at home. But it has already come to the point that it’s already too much even for an introvert like me that even a short walk outside for exercise excites me as I’m terribly missing how lovely it is to be under the sun and feel some fresh breeze of the wind.

We still do need to stay in our homes for our own protection and well being, so I have listed 5 things I have been doing to be productive at home that you can always do as well:

1. Start your day right

This is very important. As we are just staying at home, I know it is a temptation to wake up late and maybe sleep in the whole day. Yet, it wouldn’t make your day productive. How to start your day right? Start with having a hearty breakfast or doing some morning exercise. Getting to start your day right motivates you to keep going forward. Also, how you start your day generally affects your mood for the rest of it.

2. Do some organizing. Prioritize.

Prioritize what you have to do one day, or even, one hour at a time. Plan the things you want to accomplish that day as it would discourage you from procrastinating. Do some organizing as well, clean the house if you want. If given a couple of days off, I personally like doing some cleaning on the first day as I find it one way of destressing. Why not do some Spring Cleaning as well? It’s that time of the year already anyway. I’m sure it will be helpful as you go through the year.

3. Develop new skills.

Have you thought of doing something you wished you had before but never got the chance to? Then why not do it this time? As for me, I always wanted to learn different languages. I have done this before so I just restarted it. I relearned some and I must say, I’m pretty happy with my improvement. I highly encourage anyone to start trying, as you’ll never know you have talent for it if you don’t give it a chance. 

4. Discover and enjoy new hobbies.

I’m quite amazed by how creative most of us can be. Doing things to distract and entertain ourselves. With more than a month of lock down, I know most of us have tried out different hobbies already and even enjoyed doing them. If not new hobbies, just develop the old ones. I love writing and I realized how I totally missed doing it that I haven’t written this much since a couple of years already. Also, I have been learning to cook harder recipes when I always thought I’m no good at cooking and baking. Practice do makes perfect.

5. Take a break. Reflect and meditate.

After doing a couple of tasks, you definitely deserve a break. Also, in a day, dedicate some time to reflect and meditate. It should be good for our mental health. Everyone is worthy of pausing for a minute or two, or even a couple of minutes, from our day to day lives to inspire us to carry on even when things can get really difficult.

It is sad that it is still uncertain as to when this would end but hopefully, the above tips would be helpful for you. Stay safe and take care everyone.


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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