Things I’m Looking Forward To (TILFT)


Thought of and listed a few things that I’m looking forward to the most when everything gets back to normal to lift my spirits up.

We’re still in the middle of April but it feels like a whole year passed by already. A lot has happened over the past few months and we’re experiencing difficult times at present. I’m sure a lot of you are craving and missing normalcy so much. Yet, what used to be normal to us isn’t possible at the moment.

I’m sure a lot of you are saying a lot of would have been’s, if only what’s happening now isn’t actually happening. Lots of plans were cancelled. Important occasions had to be pushed back or even called off. I know it should hurt and hard to accept but we’re facing a pandemic and the measures that were implemented were necessary. So instead of lamenting for those would have been’s, why not think of and list the things that you’re looking forward to the most when we get back to our normal lives?


To inspire me a bit and lift my spirits up, I’ve listed down the things I’m looking forward to the most and here they are:


1. Spending quality time with family and friends without worries

A lot of us must have missed hugging our loved ones and spending time with them with worries stopping us from doing so. This thought just made me miss my family more back in my home country. After this is all over, I would totally hug all the precious people around me and treasure every minute with them.

2. Traveling and seeing the world

I love traveling so much yet, I can’t do that at the moment. I have cancelled multiple travel  plans already but safety is of priority at this time. I still have my hopes up though. After all of these, I’m so ready to see the world.

3. No more panic buying

Funny, isn’t it? But remembering when all of these were still starting, each one of us panicked and were all scared to be starving while being locked down in our households. I had hoped for even distribution of goods especially to the elderly & the sick who have difficulty shopping for groceries. Good thing this was solved by allotting times for the front liners & the elderly in the morning when the shops have just opened.

4. Getting enough rest & sleep

I’m sure it’s not only me who have had sleepless nights due to anxiety, and maybe even depression. As time went on though, I was able to fix this and was able to get some sleep. As we try to get used to the situation, we’ve developed and learned different ways to divert our attention. I, as well, have tried varied efforts to do this just like meditation and pilates as these relaxes me. But has the anxiety gone? No, definitely not. Yet, we are, I am coping.

5. Getting to hug/kiss someone dear during birthdays/special occasions

It’s really sad that you’re only able to spend your special day at home without anyone especially when you belong to a different household, not with your relatives or the special people in your life. For now, we need to be contented with virtual hugs and kisses when greeting people. The thought is there but it’s still quite different when you can show affection.

6. Enjoy basking in the sun as much as we can during a warm, lovely day

Recently, the weather has been very lovely. I’m totally missing the sun during this lock down. Good thing, here in the UK, we’re given the opportunity to be able to get out of the house if we’re off to buy some necessities or while doing some exercise. That would be short but still a sweet fix of sunshine. Yet, this shouldn’t be taken advantage of and we should still be more careful when outside. I’m pretty sure, when this is over, most of us would die to go out and get some fresh air under the amazing sun. Please still be vigilant though.

7. Eat well, stay healthy

Now and always, let’s never abuse our bodies. Let’s take care of our health. This is one thing we learned the hard way during this time.

8. Front liners/service workers getting more respect

The most important people during this unprecedented time are the front liners. It’s pretty saddening that their importance and the vitality of their jobs only got to be more appreciated and recognized when they’re actually needed. We should always respect them, not only now that they risk their lives everyday as they serve the people and the country, but at all times.

9. More appreciation for the little things in life

This is also one of the things we learned the hard way now, we should never take things for granted. We should realize how the littlest things in life can actually give us so much happiness. Also, let’s take care of the Earth. It should be protected and loved, and not abused.

10. Unending laughter

What’s happening now is very difficult to accept. A lot of us have lost a loved one. A lot of us have experienced how bad it gets to be inflicted with sickness. A lot of us have lost their jobs. A lot of us have suffered due to different circumstances. Many difficult decisions were made. There are a lot more reasons aside from these that made us wish for all of these to end. We should all put in mind that we can surpass this and hope that finally, we can smile again. 


Have you thought of those things that you are looking forward to the most as well? This would totally help in inspiring us to keep moving and somehow lift our spirits up. I totally understand how difficult things may be and how uncertain things are at the moment so I say, it’s ok not to be ok. I’ve been telling myself this. But as we go on, let’s all stay strong, think positively, keep smiling and move forward.

Sincerest condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one. Hope this will be a lesson to everyone to cherish every moments with our dearest family & friends. Never take things for granted. Please stay home and stay safe.


With utmost sincerity, H~

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