5th Blogiversary


5 things I learned while running This Little Miss Blogs as it turns 5!

5 years! Wow. It has been 5, happy and not so happy, years with This Little Miss Blogs. It isn’t particularly right to celebrate given the situation at this moment but as I consider this a milestone, I have listed down 5 things I learned while running this little online diary of mine.


1. Quality vs quantity, always!

I used to think that it would be the best if I had loads of things to post. More posts may attract more people, hence encouraging blog traffic, but would it give out an impression? I would rather post something that would have a lasting impression than something that is just passing. This is how I have learned that the quantity of the entry is much more important that the number of posts made.

2. Don’t let the figures affect you.

There was a time when I get so affected by the figures. With figures, I meant how many likes one post gets, the number of viewers I get and how many comments I get with a certain post. If I don’t achieve my goals for one entry, I get really disappointed. That was when I was still starting, now, I’ve gotten over it. I do understand that these are very important, most especially when this is your source of income. But I made this site to further express myself and as an outlet for my love of writing. With this in mind, I don’t really get bothered by the figures anymore. If there are growth in my stats, then I’ll be more grateful, if not, then I’ll accept.

3. Trends are good but don’t get carried away.

It is good to ride on with what’s the trend but it doesn’t mean that you will forget about what’s standard. Trends come and go so it’s still better to stick to the classics and mix it up with a little hint of what’s on trend. This is just like fashion, you can have 2 or 3 pieces of what’s in but it’s still always better to invest on the basics.

4. Remind yourself how and why this was started.

As I said in number 2, I built this site and I still continue to write up posts, even when vlogs are what people doing now, as a way to express myself. I love writing and this is the main reason why I have This Little Miss Blogs from 5 years before until now as my little online diary. From time to time, I remind myself this, for those times when I needed inspiration to write. Also, I just wanted to share ideas and inspiration to everyone who gets to read my posts.

5. Be confident. Be passionate. Be grateful.

This Little Miss Blogs definitely helped me build up my confidence. When I started this, I was still really scared to even pose for photos and I still get really anxious with other people’s opinions to every entry made on the blog before. But now, I learned to accept them, everyone has different opinions and there is no way I can please everyone. I just wanted to spread good vibes to all.

With the help of this blog, my love and passion of writing was kept ignited. I used to feel obligated to post before, but now, each post is all heartfelt. I hope you do feel my sincerity in every post. From then on and until now, I will always be grateful. I’m thankful for everyone who supported me and for those who continues to support me.

To everyone who have been with me through all these 5 years, THANK YOU! You are one of the reasons why I fall in love with writing even more and more with each post. You are one of my motivations.  Cheers to more happy years with happy posts on This Little Miss Blogs!

Happy 5th Blogiversary!


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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