Spring-Summer Fashion Essentials


My fashion essentials when it’s transitioning from Spring to Summer plus cute outfit ideas!

Spring is definitely my favorite season but I also really look forward to when it starts to transition from Spring to Summer. At this time, the weather is predicted to be lovely most of the time. With the warm sun smiling most of the day but it isn’t as humid as summer yet. Though, with the unpredictable English weather, there can still be rain.

I usually opt for lighter clothes during this time of the year but still have something as a cover up. Well, as we all know, layering is the key as the weather can change anytime even it doesn’t say so in the forecast. I also prefer wearing light colors, with my usual palette of pastels, mostly pinks and blues with a lot of whites too.


As seen on the different pieces above, my  top 5 fashion essentials when transitioning from Spring to Summer are:

  • Denim

Denim would be a staple during this time and most probably up until the whole summer. I like going for lighter washes and even white denims this season.

  • Blazer/Cardigan

A light blazer that you can throw on when you mean business that can double as a good shield when it gets a bit windy. Blazers are also a great way to style up any simple outfit.

Cardigans have made their way to the trend list since last year and they’re not going away yet. Trend or not, I like having a cardigan with me as this is easy to bring and to throw on.

  • Floral dress/ top

Yes, anything floral is indeed a necessity during this time. I love wearing florals to feel the season more and I think you’ll never go wrong with anything floral in your outfit.

  • A pretty skirt

I love me and my skirts. Dresses and skirts would certainly be the only things I’d like to wear during a lovely warm spring day and what more in the summer. So, a pretty skirt that can go all around and be styled up as different outfits is a must in my wardrobe.

  • A cute pair of flats/ white sneakers

From the all-around white sneakers to the girly ballet flats, from the versatile slip ons to a cute pair of oxfords/ loafers and to the beach ready sandals, these are all out and ready to be worn during this season. I usually prefer everything as flats as well, even when I’m not gifted in the height department.


With my fashion essentials, I curated cute outfit ideas especially for the time when it’s transitioning from spring to summer as these pieces can be worn during both seasons. Also, I used a certain piece and just styled them up differently.


This cute blue striped dress from Chlo.D.Manon is still a wardrobe favorite of mine. I wore this once last year during an event and I’m just still in love with this.

You can wear this alone paired with cute ballet flats. Throw on a sweater over it when it gets colder, used this pastel blue Stylenanda sweater which looks so cute for a pastel blue number. Third, I instead used a white denim jacket as a cover up and paired it with the classic white chucks for a more casual but still girly look.



As I said, a floral dress is much needed when it’s this time of the year. This peach pink floral dress from My Fiona which I wore in Prague last year will surely be worn more frequently this time again.

My idea of a lovely day by the seashore would include a cute outfit like this dress alone paired with nude sandals. For when you need to cover up, this peach pink cardigan is really cute as it goes together with the dress, how much more pair it with cute ballet flats of the same color palette, it’s a pink dream come true! Last, for a more formal event, I threw this really light cream blazer instead and paired with white oxfords.



A versatile, cute skirt is a need in my wardrobe, not only during this time but also for the rest of the year. I can’t count how much I’ve worn out this black skirt from one of my favorite south Korean brands, Somedays.

I got this cute cropped white top to pair the skirt and finished with a pair of slip ons for those casual days that you can’t be bothered but would look like you’ve thought out that outfit. You can also swap the top with a plain white tee instead. Next, for when you mean business, cover up with an oversized plaid blazer and finish up with a pair of black heels, if not flats but since it’s an office look, I went for the heels. For the final look, I chose to cover up with a denim jacket and opted for a favorite pair of white sneakers for a casual but still put together kind of look.


What are your fashion essentials during this time of the year? How I wish the situation now can get better soon so as I can still have the chance to wear all these cute outfits. Stay safe everyone!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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