Winter in Paris (Lookbook)


Yes to Winter in Paris! Presenting a look book of what I wore while I was there.

It’s not new, as I’ve been saying it, that Paris will always be one of my favorite cities in the world and being there for the second time got me thrilled. I just stayed there for barely 4 (3) days actually, but still, it is Paris after all.



We arrived late in the afternoon in Paris. The train ride was more than 2 hours and it was expected to rain so I dressed comfortably.

I had a white Uniqlo turtleneck top under my pink vest paired with black jeans. My fashion staples for this trip was this cute, pink H&M check scarf; my very reliable grey Uniqlo coat which I always trust during the Winter; my pink Kate Spade cross body bag, something I got from my recent trip to California which I absolutely adore and; my favorite pair of black knee high boots.






Parisians love their basics and they tend to stick to the classics and usually do it monochromatically when it comes to their fashion. I had the urge to pack only the classics but the main reason I visited Paris again was Disneyland. Being in Disneyland called for dressing up cutely and bright.

I had my white Chuu turtleneck top under my favorite pink Somedays cardigan. I paired it with a pair of ripped jeans. Of course, how could I forget my rose gold Minnie ears?

20200129_095344 (1)2398402892251152153..jpg





I love the French fashion as they make it look like they dress so effortlessly and fashionably. Being in Paris always felt like the need to dress up all the time.

For a tour around the beautiful city of Paris, I had this pink velvet turtleneck top which I thought was really cute. I paired it with this black Somedays skirt. To beat the cold weather, I had black tights on and a pair of over the knee socks to make it look like I had over the knee boots, this is actually one style hack I’m obsessed with during the colder seasons. This outfit is obviously my favorite while I was in Paris last month.






The last day meant leaving early for another 2 hour train ride back to London. As you can see, I had a theme going on. Yes, it was shades of pink, my favorite color. I didn’t actually realize it until I started packing the outfits I had in mind a few days before this trip. I’m in love with model off duty looks as well, which I tried to channel here.

I wore my black Uniqlo turtleneck top under this pink H&M camisole which I finished off with a pair of black jeans and my style staples for this trip.


This trip was short and sweet. I can’t wait to be back in Paris and dress up to go around one of my favorite cities once again soon.


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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