Café Series 08: Café Kitsuné (Paris)


A fusion of French sophistication and Japanese creativity in the form of a café!


Café Kitsuné is one café I have always looked forward to visiting. I and my friend may have failed to visit their branch in Gangnam, Seoul but since we were already visiting Paris, then I told her, we shouldn’t be missing it this time around.


Café Kitsuné is the coffee shop franchise of the music and fashion brand, Maison Kitsuné. Kitsuné meant fox in Japanese and believed to have the ability to change its appearance. The brand wishes to bring that to life with different appearances in fashion, music then food this time with this café franchise. The coffee shop started in Tokyo in 2012 and was then brought to Paris a few years later. They also have branches in Seoul, Hongkong and New York. This is a well-loved café for both locals and tourists.


We visited the branch in Palais Royal. You can see its cute but chic and minimalistic aesthetic as you enter, though it was quite small for a café with a lot of people visiting it. They had a few seats inside and there were also some seats by the garden outside. I wish it was a bit bigger as it could get a little crowded for people who would choose to stay and drink their coffee inside the shop.


They had a lot of cute merchandise for sale in the café, from shirts and hoodies to coffee mugs and even keychains, caps and bags.


They have a range of good coffee, tea and juice you can choose from which you can get as for there or to-go. They don’t offer food but they have really tasty and mouth-watering pastries. They also had some ice cream, just perfect for the summertime. The staff were also friendly and approachable.


Their bestseller and most popular was the matcha latte but interestingly, even knowing that I love my matcha, I didn’t get one. I had an Iced Oat Latte with a Financier matcha while my friend got an Iced mocha and a brownie. Maybe, I was just reserving to get a matcha latte and their signature Kitsuné shortbread on my next visit.


It was my first time to try an Iced oat latte, I was surprised and I really liked it. My friend said her Iced mocha was a bit strong but when I tasted it, it just had the right kick for me. Well, I needed a good kick starter that day and it was just the right needed caffeine. The pastries that we had were really good too.


I understand the hype for it. It isn’t easy to find a chic coffee shop that sells real good coffee and you would definitely find that here. On my next trip to either Paris or even Seoul, I’m definitely getting that cup of matcha latte!


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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