Paris Lookbook

A little look book on the outfits I wore during my 7-day holiday in Paris plus an overview of what I did there!

For this summer, I have always wanted to visit the City of Love and of course, I made sure to make it happen. I and my friend spent 7 days there, more of like 6 full days and 6 nights. We planned our itinerary a month prior to this trip and we made sure to maximize all the time we had.

Our flight to Paris was at midday so we arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport late afternoon already. It was supposed to be a short flight but because it’s summertime and everyone seems to be going on their holidays, the airport was busier than usual.
We got on a train to the city centre and checked in to our hotel. We planned to grab our museum passes this day but we failed to do it as we wouldn’t get there on time. Yet, we were still able to go around the city and see some sights. We first visited the Arc de Triomphe, walked around Champs Elysees Avenue, stopped by some shops there, saw the Bir Hakeim Bridge and of course spent the rest of our time until midnight by the Eiffel Tower and took lots of photos with the icon of France.


For this trip, I thought it would be right that I’d dress up a little bit more but just right for the warm weather and still comfortable to be doing a lot of sightseeing. On our first day, I wore this cute pastel green dress paired with my favorite white sneakers from Fila. I also brought a white denim jacket just in case it gets colder at night.


We started our second day at Chateau de Versailles and we spent most of our time there. There were more people than what we expected so the queue was really long and it was no joke as it was a really warm day. The palace was really beautiful inside and out. It had a lovely garden as well. Was going on the queue worth it? I would say yes but still, consider going early if you’re planning to visit during this summer.
At around 3 in the afternoon, we got back to the city centre. We managed to do quite a few things as it was still early. We stopped over Canal Saint-Martin and spent a little time to relax at Jardin des Tuileries. To cool us down a bit, we went inside Galeries Lafayette and enjoyed eye shopping there. Our day ended by seeing the Eiffel Tower.


A day in Palace of Versailles meant I needed to dress prettily so I wore my little white dress as you can’t go wrong with a LWD. I accessorized it with a hint of my favorite color, a pink waist belt and a pink headband. I paired it with my favorite Butterfly Twists nude ballet flats. Also, I only brought one handbag with me (so you would only be seeing this aside from my cute luggage), it’s my favorite white Coach cross body bag. I also brought my white denim jacket as it may not be cold but it did protect me from the pain of the scorching sun on my skin.


The third day in Paris is a day dedicated for museum hopping. I was especially glad this day as I thought it was a very productive day. We first visited the Louvre Museum and saw Mona Lisa. Next, we walked to Palais Royal and had some iced coffee to beat the heat at Café Kitsuné by the gardens of Palais Royal. We then travelled by metro to the next museum, Musée D’Orsay. It should be my favorite museum out of the 3 we went to. The last museum we visited was Musée Rodin and saw the famous sculpture of August Rodin as we entered the area, which was The Thinker. Our appreciation for art didn’t end there as we dropped by Centre Pompidou and got a glimpse of 2 exhibits there. We were able to visit all these museums and exhibitions with the Museum Pass which we got the previous day. The day ended like most of our days in Paris at the Eiffel Tower but this time, we went up to the 2nd floor of the tower and saw how amazing the Paris skyline was.


I wanted to dress up a bit more this day so I used my white blazer. I wore a pink halter top under it and paired it with a denim skirt to tone the outfit a bit, as I didn’t want to look too formal. I accessorized with my favorite check baker boy hat, a black belt and my favorite pair of white oxfords with a pair of white socks as well.


During sometime in the middle of the week, we just wanted to get away from the busy city and just let the child in us out at Disneyland Paris. We spent the whole day there and waited until after the fireworks display. One day wasn’t actually enough so I will surely be back here!


Dressed comfortably but still cute was the plan for this day’s outfit so I got those cute printed shorts and that cute white lace top. I brought my white denim jacket with me as I knew we’ll be going home late and just kept it tied around my waist most of the time. Those cute Minnie ears headband is also a must when you’re in Disneyland!


Back to exploring the city for our fifth day in Paris. The day started at the Trocadero and we finally got the morning shots with the magnificent Eiffel Tower that we wanted. We then traveled by bus to Notre-Dame. I was really saddened with what happened to it earlier this year. Construction was evidently going on when we got there and hopefully it will get restored soon before my next trip to this gorgeous city. We wanted this day to be more laidback so we hung around Jardin de Luxembourg for an hour before heading back to walking around. I’ve been craving for some macarons so we had some at Lauderée at Avenue des Champs-Elysées. After satisfying my cravings, we proceeded with going to Montmartre and went up the stairs to be able to visit Sacré-Coeur Basilica as it was our last stop for the day.


I wore this cute white off the shoulder lace top and paired it with this pretty pink skirt. I finished everything off with this pair of nude ballet flats.


It was my first time in Paris but it wasn’t my friend’s first so she became my tourist guide. If there was a place she hasn’t been to, it would be the beautiful island of Mont Saint-Michel. As I also really wanted to visit the place, we decided to dedicate a day here and traveled 5 hours by coach from Paris city centre. The place was very beautiful and the Mont Saint-Michel Abbey was also very majestic. I was so happy I got to tick this off from my bucket list.


I really wanted to wear this green maxi dress from Gap that my friend gave me, so I did for this day. I paired it with my white blazer. I’m really loving this blazer as it is just perfect for the season. It is made from linen so it’s light and isn’t too thick, perfect for summer days, even Spring and Fall. I finished everything with my white oxfords and the bag that’s been with me this entire trip, my white Coach cross body bag. I also wore a black headband as head accessory.


Seventh meant last, yes, it was time to leave the city and our flight was in the morning so we didn’t really do much.


For my airport fashion, something comfortable but cute was the concept I’ve been going for. So, I wore this blue Saint Germain shirt I got as a souvenir from this trip and paired it with the comfiest black trousers then finished with my white sneakers.


I had a very lovely time in Paris last month and I’d love to come back the soonest, maybe Springtime, next time.



Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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