London Dessert Festival


A day filled with tantalizing treats and mouthwatering desserts! (Prepare yourself to salivate with some delicious goodness.)

On the 18th of this month, I and my friend attended the London Dessert Festival. It was a 2 day event filled with sweet goodies held at the Truman Brewery.

You are welcomed inside the venue with edible bubbles floating around and this instagrammable wall. I didn’t let it pass of course.


As you enter the venue, you will be amazed with how lovely the place was decorated. It was truly a haven of desserts.

As described by the organizers, the London Dessert Festival is a feast for all the senses. The action-packed event took guests on a voyage of discovery, through sensory experiences and installations. Scent, flavour, texture, sights and sounds were used to transport visitors into an ethereal world, with hidden surprises at every corner.

My jaw dropped seeing all the tempting desserts that surrounded me.

The first dessert I tried was the frozen cheesecake from Whipped. I got it in strawberry of course, my favorite! It had honeycomb and meringue on top of it and it was the perfect way to start my day.

As I went around the venue, I was surprised with all the treats. They even had special ones for those who are vegan and those who are on a gluten free diet.

You would certainly love to try everything you would see. This candy floss stall had one of the longest queues during the event.


Love your fruits? Then why not have them with different kinds of chocolates. It made me smile when I got to try a strawberry with white chocolate. Oh yes, each stall offers taste tests!


Speakers were also invited to teach different dessert preparations which made the event even more interesting.

As we had a VIP pass, we were able to enjoy complimentary goodies in the VIP lounge. The event is also a cashless event and each participant had a Sprinkles card they had to top up and would use as a mode of payment. The treats sold in the event are really affordable too!

The were a lot of fascinating desserts to try just like these Zuzzin rolls chimney cakes. It was my first time to try it and it was really good.

I had one oreo pancake too from Wheel Cake Island. These are actually Taiwanese desserts that are similar to pancakes but fluffier and softer in the inside with a filling of your choice.

As I went around each stall, I learned that they have invited the best dessert shops from all over the country. This is a rare moment to have them all in one place. Each one of them is unmissable and must tries as they offer the best trending desserts of today.

I also got to try a Nutella Crownie from Me You Meringue. These are a fusion of cookie and brownie made from meringue. I totally recommend these as it was so good.


There were also cocktails and mocktails around, sad that I didn’t get to try these cocktail sorbets but really liked how they had their own space as if you were in a picnic.

I truly love how pretty each stall was decorated. These even made the desserts more delish looking!

Aside from pretty decorations, they also had little games to play and for the guests to have fun with just like this spin the wheel in which if you’re lucky enough, you can win a pound worth of dessert.

These cookie shots from Beeston Cookies shouldn’t be missed so I had a shot, of milk!

The event was divided into 2 segments, morning and afternoon. We had a VIP pass so we were able to enter both segments but we stayed mostly in the morning.

I had an amazing time, even played in the marshmallow pool. My sweet tooth is ecstatic.


A day filled with sweet treats and me forgetting about my diet was worth it. This was the kind of cheat day I always wished for. I would definitely be back if there was, next year!


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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