5 Cafés to visit in Metro Cebu

Cafés I always visit whenever I’m in Cebu!

I have finally visited my hometown last month and of course, I made sure to visit my favorite coffee shops while I was there. Here, I feature the 5 cafés I always drop by at. I highly recommend them to you whenever you get to spend some time in Metro Cebu.

Here they are:


Fudge is a restaurant and café known for its mouthwatering desserts. I have been visiting this café again and again since I was still in university as their first branch was close to where I used to study. They also serve everyone’s all-time favorite dishes.

They even offer different promos. They used to have unlimited pasta before. Now, they have a buy 1 take 1 on selected meals at certain times that you should watch out as these are really good deals.

On my visit there, I made sure to get one of my favorites, their Pizookie. It’s a cookie made into a pizza which is so temptingly good.

While I was in Cebu, a city known for its good mangoes, I wanted to have a lot of mangoes and dishes made from mangoes as much as I could. So, I also got one Tre Colore with an Affogato, a drink I always get since then.

Bo’s Coffee


Instead of getting your favorite cup of coffee at western coffee chains, why not support a local coffee shop chain that produces the same good coffee? That’s Bo’s Coffee to you. It is a Philippine coffeehouse chain, originally founded in Cebu, which sources their coffee beans locally from different provinces around the country.


Their desserts are freshly made on the same day as they are sold which is a big deal for me who loves good coffee and good pastries.


When I visited to meet my cousin, I was still having trouble with jet lag, so I got myself some coffee. I got an Iced Creamy Latte and an Iced Latte for my cousin. I also got an ensaymada to munch on.


Café Berry


Café Berry is one of the first coffee shops I featured when I started my Café Series 2 years ago. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the second one. It just feels so good to have a good coffee shop close to my place which is why I keep going back to this café.


For my visit there, I was with friends to have some sweet and cold drinks after fulfilling our appetites at an unlimited meat Korean Restaurant.


We got a Choco Latte, a Café Latte, a Mango Frappe and a Coffee Milk Frappe (all in the photo).



Vanille is definitely one of my favorite cafés and patisseries back home. They offer a range of different dishes, good coffee and pastries.


People keep coming back for their macarons and cakes, which is what I came back for too. Their macarons!


This cookie monster macaron surely grabbed my attention as it was so cute!


I made sure to get some macarons to take home as well.

Gelatissimo Café


The Gelatissimo Café is a must visit café whenever you’re in Cebu area. This is mainly a gelato shop which offers all your favorite gelato flavors but eventually became a café as they started offering desserts and coffee made from your choice of gelato flavor.


The interior is one of my favorites among all the coffee shops I’ve been to in the city. They have a few branches around the city as well.


They also have different pastries that you may fancy, like muffins, cakes and cookies.


Their gelato is still the number one reason why I go back again and again. It’s definitely a must try!


It feels so good to be back to the different coffee shops I used to visit. It just completes the feeling of being home. Try to drop by one of these cafés whenever you get around the area and I’m sure you’ll love it!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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