Spring, please?

Can those cherry blossoms bloom again?

I know it’s that time when the cherry blossoms have stopped blooming. Oh how I miss them already!



During the first week of April, we strolled around Portobello to enjoy those very pretty pastel houses in Notting Hill while looking at those beautiful cherry blossoms bloom.

I really liked eye shopping at the market in Portobello. I saw these dainty plates and figures and fell in love with them. I’ll surely go back to get some things for my new home.

Going to Notting Hill would not be enough if we couldn’t drop by the iconic Notting Hill Bookshop. Yes, the location of Julia Roberts’ film back in 1999.



There were a lot of good restaurants around there too. We had lunch at a Spanish restaurant and the paella was so good!



We then got some gelato for dessert and it was the best I had so far! Now, I’m craving for some more.



Since we were already in London, we dropped by the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge for an hour.



It was obviously my first time there and I was amazed! My first spring, my first cherry blossoms and my first time in London. Everything was lovely and I can’t wait to go back and explore more of London.

Also, it’s still spring but it’s been raining and I wish time would turn back a little and let me enjoy them cherry blossoms blooming. Well, there will always be next year.

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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