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Road trip on a Spring Sunday!

What better way to explore my new home is to see what it has got to offer!

On one Spring Sunday, my mentor has decided to take me on a road trip with her and another friend to see nature. Nature trips has got to be one of my favorite trips as I feel rejuvenated after and my mind just refreshes and I get to forget all those that are causing me stress.

We first went to Box Hill. It was a cloudy day so we didn’t get to see the full beauty of the view from above the hill but still, it was beautiful. It just gave me a reason to visit again maybe on a sunny day sometime in summer maybe.

One thing I also really like during these trips is you also get to learn history by discovering monuments like the Box Hill Fort.

There was a really nice and very innovative playground which was made of wood. I climbed up these pile of wood and yelled, I’m amazing! It definitely helped me release all the pressure from work.


We then went to see the Stepping Stones. I made sure to cross the River Mole on the Stepping Stones then went up the wooden bridge.


We later had lunch at Denbies Wine Estate. Sunday lunches at Denbies are just lovely and are a must try! It was a great time as there was an exhibit of those posh, vintage jaguars. Definitely dream car material for me! The vineyard hasn’t fully grown yet but I’ll be back when it has.

Our last stop was the Silent Pool and the Sherbourne Pond. This was definitely the best way to end the trip. It rained a little then but the rain showers just made the place even more beautiful!

Being one with nature was something I always look forward to when I’m in a different place but getting to see the different beauties of my new home just makes me happy and contented. The trip was all I needed to relieve myself from all the stress from work. I’m definitely going on this trip again!


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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